Advanced Contact Details Validation in Flock

Introducing Flock’s advanced contact details validation.

A directory is only as good as the data it presents. The data must be complete, accurate and useful. This is why we have worked on our own Advanced Contact Details Validation!

That is why one of our main concerns at Flock is to deliver to you the most comprehensive and accurate information possible.

One of the issues we have recently noticed is that sometimes email addresses that companies publish in contact sections (across the web, not only in our directory) simply do not work.

There can be many reasons for that – sometimes there is a spelling error in the email (while the format is correct), the inbox is no longer working, or there are some server issues.

Don’t you hate it when you send an important email and never hear back, only to later learn that email never actually went through? We do.

So we have found a solution to check the validity of email addresses beyond merely validating whether the format is correct.

Most often than not, we can tell whether the email that looks right works. But knowing that is one thing, the other issue we have faced is what we are going to do with that knowledge.

Do we simply remove those addresses that we have found not to be working?

But then – maybe this is a temporary issue with specific email addresses (e.g., full inbox – that will eventually get cleaned up or temporary mail server issues).

Also, since the company is using that email in other directories and different places – if we simply remove it from Flock, our users may find it elsewhere and try to use it.

Not knowing what we already know: they will never hear back from this address and only waste time waiting for a reply.

Validating Contact Information on Flock –

Keeping that in mind, we have decided to provide our users with a unique insight: if you look up any company’s details in the Flock directory.

By default, all the email addresses you see are validated and working (we do verify them).

But in the cases when our validation script finds the email not working – we will provide you with this information.

You will be warned that this email despite being provided by the company, may not work and you may try reaching them through different channels or try some other company altogether.

Here is how it looks:

Flock's contact details validation

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