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Operating out of East Midlands Airport, Advantage Flight Support provides exceptional private and executive aircraft ground handling to corporate, business, specialist charters and general aviation. To celebrate the firm’s success in this year’s Air Transport Awards, we profile it and showcase the techniques it employs to ensure success. 

Request services from Advantage Flight Support
Request services from Advantage Flight Support

Advantage Flight Support – EMA EGNX:

Since 2008 Advantage Flight Support has been licenced by East Midlands Airport to provide aircraft ground handling services. Services are provided to aircraft from the business, corporate, VIP and general aviation markets. The company is a privately owned independent Fixed Based Operator (FBO). They support a vast array of clients and working closely with them to ensure true excellence.

Originally established in 1997 as a Station Management Support company, Advantage Flight Support reinvented itself to provide ground handling services. They have done so in order to meet the needs of its changing client base. Additionally, offer East Midlands airport a solution which, at the time, it did not have, a Quality FBO Facility.

Today the company operates from its VIP FBO Facility based in the Airport to provide clients with a unique experience. The facility has three lounges, all of which are tastefully adorned. With WIFI throughout and the capacity to accommodate a little over 30 guests. With the aircraft parked directly outside the door, clients can enjoy a seamless transition from transport to aircraft and v/v.

Thanks to its dedication to customer/client service, Advantage Flight Support has gained a strong client base over the years. Today the firm supports a variety of customers! This includes sports teams, rock bands, business people, automotive companies, airline brokers and private pilots. It is not unusual for a Premiership team or band to arrive by plane and be on the way from the Airport within 15 minutes from landing when working with Advantage Flight Support.

Winner of the Best FBO / Ground Handler in The Midlands:

This exceptional service is a testimony to the hard work and also the dedication of the firm’s team. A team that is entirely passionate about what their work entails. They draw on many years of Aviation experience to ensure excellence for every client they have the privilege of working with. A one-size-fits-all approach does not work in the ground handling industry. And as such with every flight they work on the team creates a new, tailor-made service that suits the client and ensures their specific requests are met. Nothing is too much trouble for this exceptional team of experienced staff! They are always happy to work alongside their client to get things exactly right.

Seeking to ensure that every client receives an exceptional level of service, the teamwork collaboratively alongside the Airport and the Control Authorities. This ensures that they are constantly offering a cutting-edge service which cannot be found elsewhere.

Ultimately, having just entered its 21st year, Advantage Flight Support has the experience and also the expertise to cope with the ever-changing air transport landscape. They offer both East Midlands Airport and its clients the support they need. As it looks to the future, the company will continue to adapt to the changing needs of both the air transport market and its clients to ensure its continued success.

Request services from Advantage Flight Support
Request services from Advantage Flight Support
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