AEG Fuels – Flock’s Global Fuel Member | Insight on Getting Discounted Fuel Prices Worldwide

For more than 26 years, AEG has offered single-supplier convenience as a marketer of aviation jet fuel and related services. Flock Operators can now access fuel services in over 3,500 locations spread across 204 countries worldwide.

AEG Fuels

July 2018 – AEG Fuels joins Flock :

As of July 2018, AEG Fuels has signed-up as official Flock Members. Upon completing the membership process, AEG Fuels added a full list of their locations.

AEG Fuels has become the largest fuel supplier on the Flock platform – servicing over 3,500 locations across 204 countries worldwide.

AEG caters to the needs of a wide range of flight operations that include scheduled flights, military operations, transport of VVIP personnel and more.

They are also responsible for providing services to an exclusive class of operators. This includes the US military, government officials and royal flight departments.

Backed by the largest fuel network in the world, AEG delivers competitively priced jet fuel. Designed especially to reduce the massive fuel costs for all operators.

Fuel services are available 24/7 to make sure that all operator fuel and credit needs are met on demand on a global scale.

AEG have dedicated teams that track jet availability, pricing, duties, taxes and airport fees at 3,500 airports worldwide. They intend to make sure that the latest and most up-to-date information is always available to all operators.

By providing the lower price alternatives and tax exemption opportunities, AEG promises to support operators in their decision making to better budget each flight.

About AEG Fuels – Worldwide Coverage, World Class Service:

For more than 26 years, AEG has offered single-supplier convenience as a marketer of aviation jet fuel and related services.

The company has the specialized expertise to meet the customer’s fuel requirements and credit needs on a 24-hour a day basis, 365 days a year at over 3500 locations.

AEG’s well-established position in the marketplace offers customers greater purchasing power, which allows cost-effective and reliable fuel supply worldwide.

Customers of AEG are afforded the benefits of negotiated fuel and throughput pricing based on AEG’s aggregate volume.

With offices in Miami, Houston, Tahoe, London, Dubai and Singapore, the AEG team is able to liaise locally in markets with customers and suppliers to provide the highest degree of service.

The AEG services include;

  • Worldwide into wing fuel supply
  • Full suite of international trip planning services such as flight planning, ground handling, overflight and landing permits, transportation, security and coordination of all ancillary services
  • Airline diversion management and ferry support
  • Bulk fuel supply to FBOs and private storage facilities
  • Fuel management services for airlines and large fleet operators that includes sourcing and full back office support
  • Tax recovery, VAT compliance and exemptions
  • Credit and price risk management programs

AEG Fuels

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