With over two decades of experience, Avicon Aviation have transformed into the complete aviation service provider and the leading agent in the region - covering over 90 locations across 16 nations in Asia. 

Avicon Aviation

Avicon's Dominating Presence in the South Asian Aviation Market:

Covering 86 airports that span across 16 countries in Asia, Avicon have transformed into one of the most dominant agents in the South Asian market. Avicon provide a long list of services that include ground handling, landing permits and overflight permits, fuelling, parking and even more.

If you require a Pakistan overflight permit, Pakistan traffic landing permit or a Pakistan technical landing permit in Pakistan - Avicon Aviation are always at the ready around the clock to provide any services you require.

Avicon are the official sponsors at the brand new Islamabad International Airport and Allama Iqbal International Airport in Pakistan, providing immediate access for all-round services around the clock for charter and commercial flight operations. 

Avicon's coverage continues to impress further than ISB OPIS and LHE OPLA by supplying services at major airports such as KBL OAKB, HEA OAHR, DAC VGHS, PEK ZBAA, TRV VOTV, DPS WADD, CGK WIII and more!

The high standard of service provided by Avicon as well as their ability to provide landing and overflight permits in difficult situations on short notice makes them the go-to agent for thousands of operations year round. If you have a request for an urgent landing permit or overflight permit in Pakistan, Afghanistan or any of the other regions in Avicon's portfolio - rest assured that they pride themselves on obtaining permits under the most difficult circumstances.

The complete list of services provided by Avicon Aviation are - Cabin Cleaning, Catering, Crew Transportation, Departure Approval, Flight Planning. Fuel, Fuel Avgas, Fuel Jet A1, GD Crew, Ground Handling, Hotel Accommodation, Immigration, Landing Permit, Meet & Assist, Notams, Overflight Permit, Parking Slot, PAX Transportation, Security, Toilet Service, Visa, Water Service, and Weather Briefing.

Applying for Avicon's Services on Flock - Best Prices Guaranteed:

As a Flock Member Operator or user, applying for services through Flock guarantees that you will get the best possible price and support that you need. The Flock Support Team will always be available to follow-up on your request and your every requirement and make sure that everything you need is delivered right to you as soon as possible.

Being an official Flock Member, Avicon have signified their commitment to the Flock platform and all of our Member Operators. If you require any services including landing permits, overflight permits, ground handling and more in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, India and other nations in the South Asian region - make sure to contact Avicon directly or submit your request to the Flock Support team and we will take care of it for you immediately.

Avicon Aviation's History - Two Decades of Excellence:

Avicon is a complete aviation service provider and for more than two decades have strived to provide quality end to end aviation solutions to a long list of ever expanding customers. Avicon is a name behind many success stories and a trend setter in its own right. As an aviation and support services provider, Avicon service charter and commercial flight operations around the globe.

Established in 1993 as a one window operation, the services offered are unparalleled in terms of quality of work done as well as flexibility offered.

Avicon has its offices in Pakistan and UAE with its strategic service providers around the globe. This partnership since 1993 has established us a global service fully understanding different cultures and capable of providing services in each region.

The preferred partners around the globe guarantee that the clients will be handled with the same level of service and commitment that is being delivered at their own managed stations.

Avicon Aviation

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