Cameroon Landing Permit – Apply to Cameroon Landing Permit

Obtaining a Cameroon Landing Permit is a mandatory requirement for operating into the country. Learn more on applying to Cameroon landing permit & also how to Apply to Cameroon Overflight Permit. CM Landing Permit, CM Overflight Permit, CMR Landing Permit and CMR Overflight Permit. 

Apply to Cameroon Landing Permit

Apply to Cameroon Landing Permit
Apply to Cameroon Landing Permit

Cameroon Landing Permit:

In order to obtain landing permissions in Cameroon, you must apply for a Cameroon Landing Permit directly to the following contacts listed below. You may also apply through Flock by clicking on the image above and our operations team will assist you in obtaining the permit for free!

Kindly be advised that the process for obtaining a Cameroon Overflight Permit is also the same. However, the Cameroon Civil Aviation Authority would not require any aircraft documents in order to issue an overflight permit, that remains the only difference.

For permission to carry out such operations, operators should give at least three working days (72 hours) notice before the intended date of arrival or departure.

Department of Civil Aviation Cameroon Contacts:

Telephone: +237 222 30 30 90 / +237 222 30 2692 / +237 222 30 3484
Fax: +237 222 30 3362

Cameroon Landing Permit Application Form:

a. Name of the operator;

b. Type of ACFT, registration markings, and MTOW;

c. Date and time of arrival and departure at the intended airport;

d. The name and nationality of the pilot-in-command

e. The number and the nationality of the crew members

f. The departure and destination aerodrome

g. The stopover aerodromes in the country

h. The exit aerodrome

j. Purpose of the flight and number/nationality of passengers and/or the nature and amount of cargo; and

k. Name, address and business of charterer, if any.

l. Name and address of the local receiving party, if any.

The following documents are also mandatory requirements to support the landing permit application:

  1. Registration Certificate
  2. Airworthiness Certificate
  3. Radio License
  4. Insurance Certificate
  5. Noise Certificate

Commercial Operations Requirements to Cameroon:

  • Overflight Permit: Yes
  • Traffic Landing Permit: Yes
  • Technical Landing Permit: Yes

Private Operations Requirements to Cameroon:

  • Overflight Permit: Yes
  • Traffic Landing Permit: Yes
  • Technical Landing Permit: Yes
Apply for Cameroon Overflight Permit
Apply for Cameroon Overflight Permit
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As always – if you require any assistance in obtaining a Cameroon landing permit or a Cameroon Overflight Permit, feel free to contact us at

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Also, as a final reminder, please keep in mind that a Cameroon Landing Permit, Cameroon Overflight Permit is an absolute requirement for operating to Cameroon.

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