Improve Business with Flock – Simple Steps to Increase Leads

Improve business with the Flock platform. Learn about the simple steps you can do now to improve your company’s business and increase leads!

That is why we are dedicating a series of blogs to learn more about how to create the perfect atmosphere needed to capture those clients. 

Improve Business through Company Public Appearance –

The very first thing that needs to spring to your mind when thinking of attracting new clients is your company’s public appearance.

Think about what part of your business will be the first that any outsider will look at. In today’s world, it is safe to assume that will probably be your website. After engaging a potential client by email, call or advertising channels, it is highly probable that a client would follow through on their interest by searching your company up online.

Most likely, the first search result that will pop up will be your company website.

This is an aspect that is extremely undervalued by many SME’s all over the world, especially in the aviation industry.

For some reason, people are led to believe that their online presence does not play a vital role in their growth or sustainability as a business – which is baffling considering how aviation is such a globally-focused industry.

Take a look at the biggest in the business; you are almost always likely to find a very high-quality website which represents their online image. Unique designs, dense in content, online services, daily to weekly blogs and so much more of what these successful companies share with each other regarding their websites.

This point cannot be stressed enough – online presence is an absolute MUST.

Do not settle for average or below-average, make sure you have a good reliable website which would represent your company the way you want it to.

Go from “inferior flight support” to “premium flight support” with a well layed-out and unique design.

This will give any potential client the first big push towards the comfort zone and establish trust.

Increase Leads by Establishing Online Presence –

Consider the scenario that has just been mentioned.

You manage to gain a customer’s attention – the customer then acts on that interest and searches your company up online.

As a result, they get a complete mess of a website that looks like it has been made in the 80s.

What would that customer’s first real impression be? Absolutely terrible.

You could potentially lose a large number of clients purely based on how your company looks and feels online.

Remember, aviation is a global business – you may have a good reputation in your local and regional market and believe that it would make up for your lack of online presence.

However, for many potential clients around the globe that are potentially looking for services in your area for the first time. They will end up on an awful looking website, they are out that window before you know it.

When your company looks good online, you just feel good.

A neat, professional website with necessary information about your business is the minimum you should settle for. For companies that do not have dedicated departments or are on tight budgets, such a website would be the most ideal to settle for.

Of course, there is more you can do to further your online presence such as setting up social media accounts. Building your LinkedIn profile and starting your own blog. However, not all companies can dedicate so many resources and that is understandable.

However, you must make sure you cover the basics – a clean corporate website which would set up a comfortable and trustworthy online image for your company.

Improve Business & Increase Leads with Flock

Make sure your website is responsive and works on all the different devices and screen sizes.

Bait Customers In – 

Reel interested customers in, make them feel comfortable and give them exactly what they are looking for. This is how you increase leads!

Make sure to list all your services and which areas you operate in. More importantly, make sure your contact information is there for everyone to see.

Ops email, or maybe even sales – make sure that contact information is easily accessible and evident on your website. Anyone that logs onto your site is immediately able to view it and act on it.

This should be the most straightforward version of a website that you should settle for.

If you are thinking of doing even more, start a blog!

You would be surprised at how much it can help your business, especially online.

Talk about your operations, aviation news – and well, whatever really suits you.

Just make sure your content is good, readable and informative.

You can also start setting up your social media presence, where do you think your customers are? LinkedIn possibly?

Go and set up a profile for your company, build your connections and link that account to your website. The more customers see that you are well-known and established online, the more likely they will be willing to work with you.

We now live in a digital world, whether we would want to admit to it or not.

It is better to get with the times rather than just watch them pass us by.

It is never a good idea to get stuck in the past or the comfort zone. Make sure you are out there at the very front of change – it is always for the better.

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