Steps to Perfecting your Company Profile

A quick guide to everything you need to know on how to fulfill the potential of your company profile on the Flock Aviation Services Marketplace.

Learn how to claim your existing company profile here, and learn how to create your company profile on Flock here!

User experience is one of the top priorities at Flock!

That is why we have made sure that creating the perfect company profile is nothing short of being a quick and simple process!

Having the ideal profile is an essential step towards making sure you grab the full attention of users who are browsing the Flock platform.

For example, your company is more likely to receive more inquiries when you have listed an entire list of services that you offer and the locations to which you cater to.

This is why we are encouraging our service providers to make sure that they put in the effort into filling out all their details.

We have compiled a list of steps you need to take to make sure that your company profile is complete. 

1. Company Profile:

Flock Company Profile

The very first thing you have to go over is your Company Profile.

When claiming your profile – you will get the chance to build up your company profile.

However, if for some reason you miss that or you would like to do further edits, you can check the Company Profile section in your Admin Panel.

This section contains previously entered details that cannot be edited including Company Name, Website & Type.

In case you require to change any of these, do not hesitate in sending an email to and we will get back to you as soon as possible to assist you.

In here, you are also able to edit your company description which talks about your company services, profile and so on.

We strongly encourage you to add something in this section. You would be surprised by the majority of users that pay attention to this information and value it. 

Underneath which you have an option to add a company logo, which we also strongly recommend. 

This adds a more personal touch to your company profile on Flock! Accompanied with the proper description, it would give a very good first impression to users browsing your company.

Finally, you have got the contact details. Preferably, you would add the contact details to your main location or branch

This is because it would be listed as General Contacts which are not applicable to any specific airport.

Keep in mind, the last thing you would want is to have an invalid email or old number which you cannot be reached on.

Go over this information a couple of times, and make sure it is mistake free. 

2. Media Section(Premium):

Flock Media Section

This premium section of your company profile is open to all of our verified Flock members.

In this section, you are able to upload & add images, promotional material and all media content your company would like to showcase.

These media files will be accessible on your company profile for all our Flock users to view.

This gives you the complete freedom to market your company the way you want to on our platform.

If you are interested in learning more about becoming a verified Flock member – please do not hesitate in contacting us at for more information.

 3. Locations:

Flock Locations

The third section in your admin panel contains all your company locations. 

The first step in adding a new location to your list is by searching for the airport in which your company operates in.

One of the biggest advantages of being on the Flock platform is that we do not limit you to how many locations you are allowed to have.

Unlike many other aviation platforms online, we do not charge more per location. Furthermore, we do not put a limit on how many you are allowed to have.

So feel free to add all the locations in which you operate in. However, we do ask that you kindly stick to your real areas of operation and do not spam.

Flock Services

After picking a specific location, you will be able to add the number of services that you provide in that location.

Now this section is extremely important so that our users are able to understand what you can and cannot provide in any specific location. 

We ask that you kindly ensure that you always add your services to each location. This would strongly increase your chances of receiving more inquiries!

You are also able to add specific contact details for each location in which you operate.

These differ from the General Contacts which you have added previously through the Company Profile section.

Contacts added in this section apply only for the location you are adding.

Thus, if you have different personnel on the grounds or different contact details for specific locations – this is where you add them.

4: Pricing (Premium):

Flock Pricing

The final section to mention is one of the most important and valuable features the Flock platform has to offer – pricing.

This section allows you to add pricing to all your services in all your locations.

This allows operators and potential clients the ability to view them with only a click of the button.

You don’t have to worry about any of your competitors viewing your prices.

Prices can only be viewed by verified operators on the Flock platform. This ensures that your prices remain accessible to the market and hidden from the lurking eyes of your competition.

You will also be notified immediately when an operator clicks to view your prices. In turn, this allows you the opportunity to be proactive and follow up on your newly generated lead.

Pricing is among the most valuable features on the Flock platform.

It immensely increases your opportunity to generate leads and receive quotation requests from verified operators.

For more information on becoming a verified member on the Flock marketplace, please do not hesitate on contacting us at

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