Consorcio Aviation – Latin America’s Leading Ground Handler Provider

Consorcio Aviation is officially the first Flock Member Supplier from Latin America, providing aviation services in 27 nations across two major continents. Ground handling, clearances & permits, fuelling and more, Consorcio Aviation is our trusted go-to supplier for your operations to Latin America, the Caribbean and Canada.

Consorcio Aviation
Consorcio Aviation

Consorcio Aviation – Latin America’s Leading Aviation Services Provider:

“We are a pioneer Aviation Flight Support team which provides a simple, agile and honest way of doing business throughout the American continents: if you can plan it, we’ve got you covered, on the ground and through the comms, 24/7/365.”

Consorcio Aviation is the largest provider of aviation services on Flock across the American continents, covering over 80 major airports in 27 countries. Having already processed several requests from operators to countries in South America through Flock, Consorcio Aviation has earned an esteemed and trusted reputation as a top supplier in the region for aviation services.

Providing a wide range of services that will cover all your operational requirements, Consorcio Aviation offers:

  • Ground Handling
  • Fuelling
  • Overflight Permits
  • Landing Permits
  • Ground Transportation
  • Crew Services
  • Passenger Services
  • Catering
  • Hotel Arrangements
  • VVIP
  • Meet & Greet
  • Medevac & Military Flights

To view a full list of all the countries and airports that Consorcio Aviation provides services in, visit their Flock profile here.

Ground Handling in the Americas – Flock Special Offers:

Require aviation services in Latin America, the Caribbean or Canada? Look no further, as Consorcio Aviation has got you covered. Request services now with the best deals available through Flock!

Member Operators and Flock users are now eligible to one free overflight permit and $75 landing permit credit for every ground handling request sent through Flock. This special offer is available for all the locations covered by Consorcio Aviation in over 27 nations. Contact Consorcio Aviation directly through Flock to find out more about the terms & conditions of this offer now!

Consorcio Aviation provides the complete range of operational support services you need prior to getting off the ground. Including but not limited to; lavatory services, aircraft cleaning, disposal coordination, marshalling, towing, parking, slots and hangar coordination, ground support equipment (GSE) service and coordination.

Submit your ground handling request through Flock now and receive this great special offer on your operations. Flock’s operations support team has certainly experienced firsthand the speed at which Consorcio Aviation provides overflight permits and landing permits.

“You will also notice an exceptional difference in the time spent on obtaining permits. Thanks to our longstanding relationships with civil aviation authorities and governmental agencies across the American continent, we will have you covered and compliant on your flight paths in record times!”

Consorcio Aviation
Consorcio Aviation
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