Reviewing EBACE 2018

An EBACE 2018 review of a successful first main event for Flock! A look back at everything that has happened at EBACE 2018. 

It was quite the trip! Planning ahead of EBACE 2018 was a tricky task. This was going to be the first major event Flock takes part of – and expectations were therefore extremely high.

Looking back now, we can say with utmost certainty that the event has met, and in many perspectives, exceeded all our expectations.

“EBACE once again showed that business aviation is an industry focused on innovation and investment in the future. The new aircraft models, the new business models, the featured speakers and the trends we discussed all point to an energetic industry looking toward tomorrow.”

– NBAA President and CEO Ed Bolen,

“This was a decidedly upbeat, optimistic EBACE week, which highlighted the passion and enthusiasm at the heart of the business aviation community. The show reflected a reverence for the industry’s history, as well as an embrace of its future.” 

– EBAA Chairman Juergen Wiese,

EBACE 2018

Our Flock team at EBACE 2018 Geneva, Switzerland

First of all, Flock is proud to have been represented at EBACE by our Account Manager – Aleksejus Galiaminas, and our Relationship Manager – Alison McCarey.

Our team also proudly reflects back on their time at EBACE. They both believe was a huge success and an important step forward in integration Flock into the aviation world.

Aleksejus reveals that EBACE was “the place to be this year. It is where we had discussions with our partners about transparent communication between companies and digitization in the aviation sector. We are extremely happy that we can bring value and progress on both topics to all members of the Flock Marketplace.”

Alison has also looked back at EBACE with a lot of excitement. Speaking with a lot of enthusiasm, she commented on EBACE starting with a  “Wow! So much positivity, energy and passion in this industry. All the Suppliers and Operators we met have a dedication to always be excellent in everything they do.”

Alison has also taken time to reflect at the efforts of everyone in the aviation industry by saying Everyone is aiming to make this industry the best it can be in terms of productive output and we are always striving together to maintain high standards in terms of business development and ethics. is proud to be at the heart of this awesomeness !”

What’s Next?

Finally, we are excited to announce the results of the team’s hard work and effort at EBACE! Therefore, we will be welcoming multiple companies on board the Flock platform within the coming week! Suppliers from different regions around the world including Europe and Asia will be joining Flock as verified members.

This is a vital step as everyone here works towards making Flock a household name when it comes to the business aviation sector. 

By next year, Flock aims to have its own stand at EBACE! We hope to portray all the services, benefits and the unique value that Flock brings to any aviation business. 

If you are interested in learning more about our special membership plan dedicated for EBACE – do not hesitate in reaching out to us at

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