Immensely Increase Your Business Exposure With A Simple Step

Have you ever looked at your company, knowing that you have set up everything right – but you just feel like you are not getting the business exposure that you deserve? 

Business Exposure, or lack thereof:

An indefinite number of businesses suffer from a lack of exposure for many years and continue to this day.

Have you ever looked at your company, knowing that you have set up everything right – but you just feel like you are not getting the public exposure that you deserve?

The lack of exposure to target markets is always the main downfall for any business. At Flock, we look to fix that one step at a time.

Let us look at it this way – there are tens of thousands of suppliers all around the globe, ranging from handlers to caterers and so many more.

But we do need to take a closer look at one single business at a time. Have you ever sat around the office after a long and dull day at work wondering why you aren’t receiving the large number of inquiries that you feel your business deserves?

You can think of a million things to blame! The worst thing is, knowing you potentially offer the best prices available in the market, and you are still not getting traffic!

That is one of the many problems we are looking to help you tackle with Flock.

A business strategy in itself, lowering prices to attract a more significant proportion of consumers is quite an effective, yet bold move.

In the case of suppliers around the world, it is safe to assume that a substantial percentage have adopted this strategy to achieve growth and gain market share.

However, for many, it does not seem to have worked out just exactly as planned. Prices have been lowered, but desired exposure has not been gained.

The reason as to why lies within the problem itself, how is it possible to achieve maximum exposure from attractive prices?

Many companies fear from publishing their prices online as competitors could quickly take a peek and know what they are up against, and adjust their strategy accordingly.

So how exactly would it be possible for you to publish your prices for your target market to easily access and view, without the fear of your competition knowing?

Price Lists – Flock’s Solution:

At Flock, we have found the solution. Our team has designed and integrated a unique feature! This feature allows you as a supplier to publish prices for all the services you provide on the Flock platform.

Rest assured, only operators verified by Flock will be able to take a look at these – and you will be notified every single time someone does! Not only will you gain exposure to your attractive prices, but even better yet – you will be earning a lead!

Once a user clicks to view your price list, you will immediately be notified – receiving that user’s information so you can freely follow-up with them about their inquiry.

This unique feature allows you to get your prices out there! Even more importantly, generate leads that you can take maximum advantage of.

Take into consideration how much quicker you will be able to create a lead! Having a user check your prices online, immediately, and with no hassle at all.

There is no need for multiple exchanges of emails, inquiries and so on. Instead, it is all done with a click of a button.

This ease of accessibility for users makes it extremely efficient for your business to gain the needed exposure. This is done by adopting a strategy at the core of which lies your price list.

Using Your Price List:

Users can then freely browse through the different suppliers and service providers that exist at any given airport and view their price lists. Users could then immediately get in contact with a business of their choice.

So as a business that suffers from lack of exposure, or if you feel like your business deserves more than what it has. Then undoubtedly this produces the perfect opportunity for you to get there.

Competitive pricing is important, but that is not the only aspect we believe in at Flock. Your company profile will contain so much more than that. Undoubtedly, it will include many more selling points that you could use to your advantage.

But we just cannot deny the importance of pricing and the effect it has on winning over new customers. That is why we have dedicated so many resources to build such a compelling feature.

We have created a unique situation in which your price list becomes the critical selling point for your business.

Right now you might be thinking, what will be the perfect way to build such a price list?

Worry not! The topics in the coming blogs will look into precise detail on how to create the perfect price list. This involves what to include, and what to make sure you avoid at all costs.

We at Flock will also be offering a special content offer. This will contain tips on maximizing your price list efficiency and gaining more traffic.

So stay tuned for more to follow on our blog – and in the meantime, feel free to have a look at this feature for yourself.

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