Fastransit Aviation Service – Your Go-to Ground Handling in China

Fastransit Aviation Service
Fastransit Aviation Service

On-the-ground China Ground Handling at 34 major airports from Fastransit Aviation Service!

Fastransit Aviation Service becomes the second major ground handling service provider in China to join Flock as official Member Suppliers! Fastransit provides a wide range of aviation services including ground handling, clearances & permits, fuelling, catering and more.

Request Aviation Services - Fastransit Aviation Service
Request Aviation Services – Fastransit Aviation Service

China Ground Handling – Fastransit Aviation Service:

Fastransit Aviation Service was established in 2010 in Beijing, China. It has since then transformed into one of the world’s leading ground service provider for business jets.

Fastransit Aviation Service has built 22 on-sites service stands for which has successfully covered approximately 200 airports in China to meet the efficient, prompt, meticulous standard of one-stop service respectively for business jets. We duly insist on enhancing services quality to create values for our esteemed customers.

Now, it has become the largest ground handling service provider in China. Meanwhile, it has been bestowed the membership of AsBAA (Asian Business Aviation Association), NBAA (National Business Aviation Association) and BBAA (Beijing Business Aviation Association) since its establishment.

Hundreds of elites focused on improving service standard, reflecting our outstanding performance for both quantity and quality. With the increasing innovation ability, outstanding flexible, customized capabilities and gradually perfect capacity on ground handling, we have won complete trust and sound reputation worldwide.

We are committed to offering the most competitive quotations and best thoughtful service in local China. Each handler of our team has been trained professionally and are focused on offering our clients the optimal experience at versatile airports. Keeping everything smooth, efficient and comfortable for our guests.

Working with Fastransit Aviation Service – Ground Handling in Mainland China:

Fastransit Aviation Service plan and provide a full range of services non-scheduled general aviation owners and operators who come from more than 160 countries and regions all over the world. The essential advantages of working with Fastransit Aviation Service include:

  • Efficient PMT Services: Assisting to secure landing permit, overfly permit, permission follow-up and also urgent schedule revision.
  • Accurate Dispatch Service: Assisting to secure shortage slot in busy airports such as ZBAA, ZSPD and also ZSSS as per client expectation.
  • Effective Communication:  Coordinating ATC priority release at each international or local airport in China.
  • Productive Relationship with FBOs: Coordinating the excessive or overnight parking at many airports such as VHHH, ZBAA, ZUCK, ZUUU, ZPPP, ZJHK and ZJSY, etc.
  • Convenient proposals were made for esteemed customer and crew: Offering invitation, transportation and accommodation and also occasional translation services on the basis of customer’s demand.
  • Professional and Standard Operations Control: with 24-hour operation support. Updating MVT, on-site supervision.
  • Versatile Service Network Sites: More than 22 branches all over China. All the handler expenses are exempted at each location.
  • Competitive Fuelling Prices
  • Favourable Quotations: with services description for your procurement.
  • Flexible Payment Methods and Specific Bills: with credit assurance.
  • Tailor-made services for more privacy
Request Aviation Services - Fastransit Aviation Service
Request Aviation Services – Fastransit Aviation Service
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