5 Must-Have Online Aviation Tools For Aviation Professionals

Live ATC Feeds, Live Air Traffic, NOTAM Search, FltCheck and FlightDiary – all the best online aviation tools! 

If you are an aviation professional, or if you have a fond love for everything aviation – you will certainly love these online aviation tools that are designed specifically to make your everyday life and tasks so much easier!

Live ATC Feeds:

This online application allows you to listen to live air traffic feeds from airports all around the world! Thousands of feeds are online at a time – including airports in the United States, Japan, Russia, Brazil and a whole lot more countries!

Covering almost all countries around the world, the website allows you to search for a feed by inputting the airport code you are looking for, making it that much easier for you to find what you need.

Join in now and enjoy this wonderful service! Click here to visit the main website or click here to view the top feeds.

Live Air Traffic:

Next on the list is the wonderful service brought to us by the guys at Flight Radar 24. This service allows you to track the actual movement of airplanes all around the world! What is even more impressive is that you are able to find out the details of each airplane; including schedule, airplane type, registration and much more!

Flight Radar 24 is one of the greatest online aviation tools available in the market today. They have even released their own apps to both the App Store and Google Play to make the lives of their users even easier. Personally, I believe this service is wonderful and extremely beneficial in many cases – so it’s definitely worth checking out.

And oh, you can get almost everything you want from Flight Radar, for free. Check them out here!

NOTAM Search:

Another very useful online tool for all aviation professionals especially pilots and aircrews during their pre-flight preparations, is brought to us by the Federal Aviation Administration.

Their service allows us to browse all NOTAMs in airports all around the world – and acts as a crucial source for all this valuable data. You can also filter your searches based on location, flight path, geography, latitude & longitude and accountability.

You can check out their free-to-use service here.

Checklists for Aviation Professionals:

I honestly think this is one of the most undervalued online tools in the aviation industry.

“Whether you are a pilot, flight attendant, dispatcher or ground support staff – checklists are a part of your operating procedures. FltCheck is the best way to handle them!”

It is literally designed to make life SO much easier for many different aviation professions.

FltCheck keeps track of your most important tasks and reminds you if you missed anything. FltCheck’s encrypted real-time synchronization keeps all your checklists within your safe reach 24/7, whether you are using FltCheck from your iPhone, iPad, Android or via the Web!

It is definitely time to get rid of all the clutter, paperwork and those never-ending lists of documents. FltCheck is actually one of the most refined and advanced solutions available in the market today – and I promise that you will get hooked right off their trial.

If the aviation industry is moving towards the future and towards more tech-based ways of doing things, FltCheck will surely be among the pioneers in that market. Check them out here!

Personal Flight Logbook:

Famously known as Flight Diary before its acquisition by Flight Radar 24, it is now known as myFlightradar24.

“It doesn’t matter if you are a frequent flyer or just catch a flight every now and then – keeping track on where and how you have flown is easy and fun.” Their motto pretty much explains everything you can do with myFlightradar24.

It is an awesome tool, and really fun to use in the long-term. If you are anything like me (a travel fanatic), then you would surely get giddy over the statistics provided from your logs! Number of flights taken, distance traveled, number of hours and so much more.

A very fun and delightful tool to use for everyone who loves travelling – visit their website here.

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