Flock Analytics for Member Aviation Companies

We’re happy to introduce a set of new analytic features, designed to help companies on Flock to better understand and track their performance on our platform.

Our mission at Flock is to help aviation companies to discover and connect with new business partners. If you are offering aviation services – we want to help you reach new customers; if you’re buying aviation services – we want to help you discover the best suppliers and deals worldwide.

Currently, Flock lists over 4,000 aviation companies across 10,000 airports worldwide. We register about 25,000 visits each month, which creates an excellent opportunity for aviation businesses to tap into that traffic and present their offer to a broader audience looking for aviation services.

Getting new business from Flock

For aviation services suppliers, the main goal of being on Flock is to get more business leads. Once your company has been found on Flock by a potential customer, you are likely to get contacted by them in one of the following ways:

  • General Inquiry sent through Flock
  • Quotation Request sent through Flock
  • Live-Chat conversation
  • Redirect of requests submitted directly to Flock
  • Finding your contact details on Flock and contacting you directly off-platform

How can I be sure if it works?

While it’s pretty straightforward with first four cases described above (you simply get an email or notification about the new lead from Flock), the last one – direct contact outside of our platform – is tricky to measure accurately.

We see a lot of visitors simply checking up contact details on Flock and proceeding to contact companies directly via phone or email. Sometimes they mention to a supplier where they’ve found them, but for a large part, this is left outside of the conversation. In such cases, you may not be aware that this business, in fact, is coming to your from Flock.

This is where new Analytics features become really helpful. In its first iteration, as of June 2019, Analytics can help you learn a couple of important facts:

  1. How often are airports on which you deliver services looked at? The first figure in your Analytics panel will tell you how many times in a given month people have viewed airport profiles, on which your company is listed as a supplier. This is a good indication of how often people look for aviation services across all your locations – and how many potential customers are you likely to get. From this point, your goal should be to get as many of these people as you can to look at your offer and visit your company profile specifically, where they could request your services at that airport.
  2. How often is your company looked at? The second figure you see in Analytics panel represents how many times people have been displaying your company on Flock (this is a total for all your locations on Flock). These are your potential customers, getting to know your company services and details. If you’ve done well presenting your services and company in a compelling way, they are just one step from requesting quotations on services from you – either directly through Flock or by contacting you directly.
  3. How many people are copying your contact data from Flock? This is where it gets really interesting. This number represents how many people have copied data from your company profile. Most often these are contact details: emails, phone numbers etc. In our experience, this usually means that these people will contact you directly soon, so there is a good chance this number will directly translate to the number of off-platform leads generated by your Flock profile.
  4. Which companies and users on Flock are looking at your company. Finally, we’ve decided to use popular social networks solution and let users see who has been viewing their profile. We intend on bringing our Members community closer together and facilitating more collaboration. Understand which users and companies are interested in your services the most and use that opportunity to collaborate and grow your businesses together.

How can I make it work better?

Knowing what to look for and having the metrics above at your fingertips, you can easily identify new opportunities for your company. Let’s have a look at the two most basic insights and actions you can take on them:

  1. Airports getting a lot of visits, but your company profiles visits seem low?
    If you notice that number of visits to airport profiles is much higher than visits to your profiles, it usually means that while a lot of people are looking for aviation services at airports you provide them on, not many of them notice and take interest in your company. This can be easily fixed in a number of ways:

    • Complete your profile: upload all necessary contact details and – more importantly – declare services that your company provides at that airport. Users most often look for companies by the service they provide. If you leave that blank, it will be really hard for them to find you!
    • You may want to upgrade to higher Membership plan, so that your company is featured at this airport in more visible spots (Free members are only listed as small links at the bottom of airport profile, while Basic and higher membership tiers are listed at the very top of the profile with their own extended card to grab users attention). On top of that, Basic Members and above, are listed also on Free competitors profiles, which means that whoever is viewing that company profile is likely to also view yours.
    • You can publish a special offer on Flock, and get it featured across the platform: on airport and country profiles, as well as homepage and competitors company profiles(!). This s definitely going to get you some more views redirected from different places on our platform.
    • Run ads on Flock – they can show up on country profiles, airport profiles and Free members profiles, again – redirecting visitors looking at those airports and your competition at that airport straight to your profile!
  2. Getting a decent amount of visits to your profile, but not a lot of people contacting your directly or copying data for contact? There is a couple of things to consider here:
    • Is your company profile fully developed for customers to take interest and trust it? Have you uploaded your company logo, description, all important contact details, media (photos of your facilities?). And most importantly – have you listed all the services you provide at that location? Have you provided a description of these services and default prices? All these details make the customer more likely to reach out to your company.
    • Are your competitors running their own ads and promotions on your profile? If you are a Free Member, chances are, your competitors are benefitting from your profile the same way we described in the previous point. Check if you’re not losing visitors to your profile through other companies advertisement and promotions. And if you do – upgrade your Membership to Basic tier or above to remove those third-party ads and run your own.

We’re here to help

As always – if you have any questions, comments or thoughts that you’d like to share with us, our product and support teams are always here for you. Just go on Flock and contact us through live-chat at the bottom of the screen or send an email to support@flock.aero