Flock Aviation Directory Feature Update – New Country Page

All details about Civil Aviation Authority in over one hundred countries worldwide can now be accessed through Flock’s latest update – new country pages.

At Flock, we are continually working towards achieving the most pleasant user experience possible. We are thus proud to announce our latest update – the new country page!

It is a time-consuming and challenging task to research the details you need to be aware of when flying to a new country. Especially, as we all know there are individual countries that information on is very troublesome to find.

Similarly, we have tackled this issue before in a blog post that discusses everything you need to know about operating into a new airport for the very first time.

The Country Introduction

Afghanistan Civil Aviation AuthoritySeveral general details specific to that country are portrayed in the first part of the country page.

These include the country’s capital, country code and local currency. It is a pretty straightforward section and just acts as an introduction to the country page.

Civil Aviation Authority

The very next part is the central section of the page and makes up most of the details presented in that country, the CAA section.

This is a very detailed part of the page that includes everything about the civil aviation authority of the country you are looking into.

We take pride in how detailed this section is – covering all aspects of contact information to opening hours!

You can find the contact details including numbers, emails and further links for the CAA, AIP, ACC and NOTAM offices.

We have also listed the opening hours as per availability for those departments. In addition, we provided sections that highlight the information that you need to know about your flight!

Flock Civil Aviation Authority

We have also got you covered if you are ever hesitant about the commercial or private operations requirement.

Our information section lets you know what permits you need depending on what flight you are operating.

This section also helps clarify information on when and how to submit and further details on the submission process.

Underneath the information section, you can find the documents section. This links you to online viewable and downloadable documents. These include forms that you would need to file for a permit or any other requirement.

The Country Airports

Afghanistan Airports List

The final section in the country page is a list of all the airports that exist in that country. This section, of course, varies in size depending on the country that you are viewing. But, you should always expect to find every single operational airport and airbase in that country.

Of course, you will not have to search page by page to find the airport you are looking for – you can just make use of our search bar and look for whatever it is you would like to find!

We’re here for you

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