Aviation Directory – Introducing Flock to the Aviation World!

Flying Airplane

Flock Aviation Directory is the first community-based directory of its kind on the internet! Not just an airport directory – but so much more! No paid plans, no payment-walls – everything is available and free to the entire aviation community.

We live in very exciting times – the world is becoming more connected. It is so much easier today to find the information we seek by simply searching for it using one of the many available search engine tools available to us over the internet.

Nonetheless, this has brought about a number of new challenges to our industry – and this is why we have worked to introduce Flock Aviation Directory.

The Story behind Flock Aviation Directory:

There is so much information to sift through in the little time we have. Imagine you are given a two-day notice to organize a flight from London to Shanghai and back with a couple of stopovers en route.

Your boss happens to be flying onboard and will be watching over you like a hawk. The best part, this is the first time your company is flying to these airports.

You have managed to run your flight plans and got your crew in place but still, there are so many things missing – to name a few:

– Overflight permit
– Landing permit
– Airport Slots
– Handling
– Fuel
– Crew and PAX Transport
– Catering

Where do you start? We have all been in a similar situation at one point or another in our career. A little help goes a long way in doing those tasks on hand.

That is the reason we have build Flock aviation directory! Our aim is simply to give aircraft operators and providers the power to connect and succeed in their business.

Flock Aviation Directory

At its very core Flock is a directory of all the airports, flight support companies and providers operating at these airports, providing up to date contact details, listings of services and other related useful information.

Within Flock’s unique airport directory – you can browse through thousands of airports worldwide and get access to all the operations related information you require!

What makes Flock different from any other regular aviation directory is that it is open to the community – meaning all the information is freely available for everyone, but also everyone is able to correct and provide missing information and unique insights.

The Future of Flock Aviation Directory:

We’re constantly working on improving Flock – by adding and updating information in our databases, but also by building new and unique features.

These features will help our users always be informed on important business information and connect providers with operators helping them find new opportunities to improve their business operations.

So, we welcome you onboard and look forward to working with everyone in our industry to fulfill the aim promised! Read our latest blog about playing it smart when flying internationally!