Flock Aviation Services Marketplace – 2018 Year Review

Flock Aviation Services Marketplace – 2018 Year Review:

What an impressive year it has been for the Flock platform! In this blog, we will have a look at all the fantastic figures and achievements that we have managed to accomplish throughout 2018!

Flock Aviation Services Marketplace – Numbers Overview:

An impressive total of 344,016 pages has been viewed throughout 2018 on the Flock platform. In addition, there were an outstanding 265,553 unique page views throughout the year as well. To complement these figures, a strikingly stunning number of over 135,000 users registered to the Flock platform.


There was a total of 79 blog posts published in 2018 and these have gained 5,273 views from over 4,489 users that have visited Blog by Flock.

Flock has also welcomed 281 aviation suppliers from around the world as member numbers surged throughout the year. In addition to those aviation suppliers, Flock became home to 79 airlines and aircraft operators.

These figures have contributed towards generating great business for Flock Members and aviation suppliers worldwide! There have been 1,000+ requests for aviation services sent out in the year 2018.

Flock Aviation Services Marketplace Rebranding:

Flock was initially established in 2017 as a community-driven aviation directory. It quickly grew to cover over 50,000 airport profiles and over 4,000 aviation services suppliers on a global stage.

However, responding to popular market and user demand in 2018, Flock transitioned into an aviation services marketplace. Thus allowing operators to find, request, acquire and manage services all in one place.

This shift proved to be hugely successful in rebranding the platform. Flock transitioned into the go-to place for hundreds of operators that joined Flock over the years looking for aviation services worldwide.

Introduction of New Flock Features:

Significant updates were regularly released to tweak how users can maximize the efficiency of using the Flock platform. It is now easier than ever to “Request Quotations” from aviation suppliers at any airport for required services.

Using the “Services” tab located in all airport pages, users can now request quotations for services from different suppliers using three simple steps. This feature has proven great for comparing prices and saving costs on operations!

Users can now also request overflight and landing permits in all countries across the world by merely visiting the Worldwide Flight Operations Guide and clicking on the required country. Simply provide us with your date of trip and aircraft type and we will be taking care of the rest!

If you need assistance in getting your clearances, we can now help you by getting the best price comparisons from Flock member suppliers. Flock’s extensive database of aviation support companies guarantees the best rates every time.

Flock is also now on Intercom! This great addition to our platform allows users to chat directly to our operations support using the live chat feature integrated on the website. For any inquiries, questions or requests, users are now able to send them directly through chat. Our operations support team is available around the clock to assist in all inquiries and requests!

Blog by Flock Achievements – 2018 Milestones:

Blogging has been a critical factor behind the success of Flock throughout the year. With almost one hundred blog posts published in 2018, we have experienced an immense rise in SEO ranking and higher viewership numbers than ever before.

Multiple successful blogging themes have been implemented! Blogs posts have consistently been ranking at number one or within the top four of Google search results. These themes include the very popular operations planning which details all the operational information of a specific airport. Similarly, another extremely popular theme is landing permits, which contains the details for obtaining permits and clearances in specific countries.

Achieving the number one spot on Google search results for many blog posts, and consistently ranking within the top four of search results for others, has immensely increased the number of views and exposure for aviation suppliers on the Flock platform.

Overall, 2018 has been an impressive year that has exceeded all expectations for everyone in our team. We have also been acquainted with some of the best suppliers around the world and with amazing operators that we hope to continue to serve in the coming years.

The Flock family also expanded by welcoming a large number of new members! We are also very confident that we will continue to bring them value in the future.

The goal in 2019 is to double the figures achieved in 2018 and increase our exposure on the internet worldwide. We hope to welcome many new members aboard the Flock family and become home to hundreds of more operators! Stay tuned for more features and updates, let us start this year off with a bang!

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