A Brand New Look, A Brand New Experience – A Major Flock Update

New layouts for Airport & Country profiles, Intercom support chat and improved search speed! 

We have taken the valuable feedback we received from our users and have put it to action!

We are introducing our biggest update to date! This update includes many exciting new features and designs! Created solely to improve the user experience for everyone on Flock.

Country Pages Redesigned – 

Our brand new country pages have been redesigned to accommodate the needs of all our users.

We have redesigned the presentation of information on the country pages by introducing a new layout that presents Civil Aviation Authority related information into separate clickable tabs.

These tabs include Contacts, Opening Hours, Information (Commercial & Private Operations Requirements) and Documents.

Country pages have also always been among the major attractions of the Flock platform, gathering thousands of views every week.

That is why we have introduced another new way for our Flock Members to present their companies in front of thousands of viewers.

We have added a section which highlights the top aviation services providers that are available in that country.

This ensures that Flock Members receive added exposure on the Flock platform.

We have also added an advertisement section on the country pages where companies can display their special offers and promotions!

Airport Profiles Redesigned – 

Airport profiles have also seen a significant change in this update, with entirely new layouts introduced!

We have once again redesigned the presentation of information! We have introduced a new layout which presents airport-related information in separate clickable tabs.

These tabs include Companies, which is a list of all the service providers in that airport.

Airport Contacts, which include all the contact information of an airport including phones, fax, email and more.

Operating Details, which includes general important information about the airport such as RWY, PCN, coordinates, distance from the city and other important links to related pages such as operational blogging posts.

Most importantly, we have also offered another means for our Flock Members to get added exposure by adding a Members Update section to all airport profiles.

This section keeps track of the latest blog posts published by our Flock Members.

Generally, these blog posts focus on the introduction of our Flock Member’s companies and include several offers and discounts for aviation services in specific regions! 

Significantly Improved Search Speed – 

We understand that our search speed was relatively slow in the past, however, we have taken your feedback and put it straight to work!

We have now significantly improved our search speed, promising our users the results they are looking for within seconds of typing in their queries. Our search bar includes three separate searches that you can choose from including searches by airports, companies and countries.

The search speed is now optimized for all three searches, give it a try!

Intercom Support Chat –

At Flock, we have always taken pride in being there are at all times for our users when they require any assistance. Previously, our users would contact us through a form when they require any operational information or assistance, and we would have to settle for an email conversation.

That is, however, not the case anymore! We have introduced live Intercom support chat to the Flock platform! Whenever you need us – our dedicated team will be available to make sure you get all the information you need! Including any given CAA, airport or supplier from around the world.

Are you missing anything that you can’t even find on the Flock platform? If you are struggling to find the information you need for your operations – worry not! Just let us know, and we will get it for you.

We’re here for you

As always – if you have any questions or suggestions, we are therefore here to help at support@flock.aero.

Visit flock.aero if you are looking for business information on airports and providers around the world.

Above all, if you want to keep up with how Flock is progressing, new features and the value we can add to your business, keep up with our daily blog posts.