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International flights are always a headache to deal with, especially when they are on short-term notice. There wasn’t an easy solution – until Flock came along.

It’s almost 5 pm at the end of the week, and you are about to wrap it up and call it a day when your boss tells you your most important client will be flying to a new exotic destination this coming weekend! Does this sound familiar?

The headache behind International Flights –

Short notice flights have become a trend in the private aviation club.

More and more high net worth individuals are taking advantage of what a private jet aircraft has to offer regarding convenience and speed of getting to their destination whether for business or pleasure.

It is down to flight dispatchers and coordinators to navigate through the growing complexity of planning a flight.

That is of course, with the aim to ensure that those high-up on the cooperate ladder get to their desition on time every time.

But when faced with a similar scenario to the one mentioned above, what is the best course of action?

There are the routine tasks such as an overflight permit and landing permit that need to be taken in preparation for such flights.

There are also some variables that change according to the flight destination.

One essential part to be taken care of is who is going to handle the flight once it lands.

What should the passengers and crew expect once the aircraft taxis in from the runway to the ramp?

Picking the Perfect Aircraft Handler –

Choosing the right aircraft handler for international flights is a critical decision as it will merely result in either a smooth trouble free flight or a nightmare everyone wishes to avoid.

But if this is the first time your company is flying to this new destination, how do you get to pick the right handler to work with.

It is all about how much time you have work with.

It is essential that you have a safety net to fall back on thus using the services of a well-networked experienced flight support agency that can sort things when you are tight on time is a good plan.

But this comes with an added cost and most likely it is not cheap.

Most flight support agencies do charge some sort of administration fee(s) along with disbursement charges on top of any third party fees paid.

If one would have the luxury of time on their side, then there will be a need to get homework done.

It is not only cheaper and cost-effective for your company to work directly with the local ground handler; it is way better, on the long run, if you establish a working relationship with the said local handler.

Such connection will ensure that you have a better control on what goes from the time flights lands to the time it takes off again.

International Flights are not that easy –

Easier said than done. Still, this direct relationship can be achieved if you do your due diligence.

Look up the contact numbers of the destination airport and if possible call the airport authorities and ask who is doing the handling in their airport.

You will be surprised how much information you can get by just calling them up.

Talk to the handler and communicate the full details on what is required. Ask for price quotations in advance, to avoid any unnecessary surprises.

Most importantly find out if they have any particular handling process your crew needs to be aware of before they get there.

A little bit of proper planning will go a long way and the feeling that you have done your part in the successful performance of each flight is a gratifying thing.

The greatest thing about Flock is that it will act as your one-stop aviation directory for all the information you need for handlers and other suppliers around the globe.

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