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Ghana Landing Permit – Apply to Ghana Landing Permit

Obtaining a Ghana Landing Permit is a mandatory requirement for operating into the country. Learn more on applying to Ghana landing permit & also how to apply to Ghana Overflight Permit. GH Landing Permit, GH Overflight Permit, GHA Landing Permit and GHA Overflight Permit. 

Apply to Ghana Landing Permit

Apply to Ghana Landing Permit

Ghana Landing Permit:

If you are planning to operate to Ghana you must be aware that, all non-scheduled flights into, from or over the territory of Ghana shall be required to obtain a permit at least 72 hours prior to the date of intended flight.

Recently, the Ghana Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) introduced Customer and Permit Administration software for the processing of landing as well as overflight permits. This is effective as of 1st November 2018, therefore all requests for permissions should be applied through the link the following link:

Permit charges and fees are applicable for both landing and also overflight requests.

It is also important to keep in mind the type of operations that require prior permit approvals. These are referenced below for both commercial as well as private operations to Ghana.

Ghana Civil Aviation Authority Contacts:

The Director-General
Ghana Civil Aviation Authority
Kotoka International Airport
Accra, Ghana
Telephone: +233-30-2776171
Fax: +233-30-2773293
Email: /

Ghana Landing Permit Application Form:

a. Name of the operator;

b. Address of the operator;

c. Type of aircraft;

d. Aircraft registration;

e. Aircraft callsign;

f. Estimated date and time of arrival;

g. Point of departure and destination;

h. Name and address of charterer/local agent or contact in Ghana (applicable only for landing requests);

i. Telephone and fax;

j. Pilot’s name and nationality;

k. Number of souls on board;

l. Purpose of flight;

m. Type of cargo on board;

n. Type of arms and ammunition on board;

o. Full itinerary in the airspace/routing (points of entry and exit);

p. Base of aircraft;

q. Billing address (including email address and telephone number);

r. Additional information, if any;

IMPORTANT NOTE: In addition to the above, provide BIO-DATA of crew and passengers for landing request only (Name, date of birth, passport number, date of issue of passport, the expiry date of passport and nationality).

Furthermore, the following documents are also mandatory requirements to support the application:

1. Air Operator Certificate (if applicable)
2. Registration certificate
3. Airworthiness Certificate
4. Insurance certificate
5. Noise Certificate
6. Station License

Commercial Operations Requirements to Ghana:

Private Operations Requirements to Ghana:

Apply to Ghana Overflight Permit

Apply to Ghana Overflight Permit
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Also, as a final reminder, please keep in mind that a Ghana Landing Permit, Ghana Overflight Permit is an absolute requirement for operating to Ghana.

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