IST LTBA Atatürk International Airport – Slots, Ground Handling & Aircraft Services

An operational guide including slots, ground handling and other aircraft services for operating to Atatürk International Airport ( IST  / LTBA ) Istanbul, Turkey

All information listed below is provided by Havas Ground Handling.

General Operational Information:

Aircraft weight limitation at Ataturk International Airport,  according to AIP AD2 7) Aircraft types AN124, AN225, C5, A380, B747-800, B747-500, B747-600 are NOT allowed to land at the aerodrome.

The only exception to this is presidential aircraft and special permitted aircraft.

Fuel uplifts and tech-stops are also available at IST, LTBA.

Furthermore, you can also find more contact information and documents on the Turkey Civil Aviation Authority by visiting the CAA section in the  Turkey Country Page.

Airport & Custom Hours:

Operating hours for IST, LTBA airport and customs is 24 hours, 7 days a week throughout the entire year.

Aircraft Services:

Services provided by Havas Ground Handling at IST, LTBA include;

  • Full Ground Handling Services
  • Ramp Services
  • Load Control
  • Passenger Services
  • Flight Ops Services
  • General Aviation VIP Services
Slots & PPR:

IST, LTBA has CAT III ground slot regulation. In other words, traffic into the airport is extremely high – and slots are mandatory.

Peak periods at Ataturk International Airport are;

  • Morning: 0530-0730
  • Afternoon: 1030-1300
  • Evening: 1730-2000
  • Night: 2300-0100

The lead time for the processing of permits is 5 business days before flight operations.

Overflight permits, Traffic Landing permits and Technical Landing permits are required for Commercial Operations. The same applies for Private Operations, however, the only difference being that Private Operations do not require an Overflight permit – instead they must file a flight plan.

The application for landing and overflight for scheduled operations should be submitted at least 30 days in advance of the first flight operation.

However, for non-scheduled/private flights, applications can be submitted 5 days in advance.

Kindly also take note that foreign operators are required to have authorized personnel present in Turkey for submitting permit applications.

FBO Facilities:

There is no dedicated FBO facility at Ataturk International Airport.

However, there is a Hangaring facility instead of the FBO.

There is also a VIP terminal which is operational 24/7.

Visas, Customs & Immigration:

Airport access for crew is possible (VIP shuttle except for all other public transportation).

Visa’s for European nationalities vary when visiting Turkey, it is strongly suggested you do your research on your visa situation before visiting. United States nationals will receive a visa on arrival, and Russian nationals do not require a visa.

For more information on the visa requirements for Turkey, kindly visit this website

For a list of countries whose citizens are allowed to enter Turkey with their national IDs, or with expired passports – kindly visit this website.

Furthermore, to apply online for the Turkish e-Visa, kindly visit this website.

Finally, for any further inquiries or if you would require services at  Atatürk International Airport – kindly contact Havas Ground Handling

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