KRT HSSS Khartoum International Airport – Slots, Ground Handling & Aircraft Services

An operational guide including slots, ground handling and other aircraft services for operating to Khartoum International Airport ( KRT / HSSS ) Khartoum, Sudan

All information listed below is provided by Z-Aviation Services.

General Operational Information:

Quick turnarounds are facilitated particularly for fuel-stop operations.

There are three main into-plane agents with fuel tankers operative around the clock.

There is no aircraft weight limitation when operating to Khartoum International Airport.

KRT, HSSS is the country’s main capital airport to where the Middle East, African and EU schedule service carriers regularly perform turnarounds.

Airport runways are able to accommodate over-sized aircraft including the Boeing 747, Airbus 350 and Antonov 124.

Asphalt PCN is well reformed to endure over-sized airliners.

The only restriction to be aware of when operating to KRT, HSSS is that the government has imposed sanctions on all Israeli flights, banning them from operating into the country.

You can also find more contact information and documents on the Sudan Civil Aviation Authority by visiting the CAA section in the Sudan Country Page.

Airport & Custom Hours:

Operating hours for both KRT, HSSS airport and CIQ are 24 hours, 7 days a week throughout the entire year.

Aircraft Services:

Services provided by Z-Aviation Services at KRT, HSSS also include;

  • Flight landing clearances
  • Overflight clearances
  • Ground handling
  • Aircraft cleaning
  • Toilet and potable water replenishing service
  • Aircraft towing and push-back(s)
  • External power source (GPU)
  • Baggage handling
  • Aircraft fueling service
  • Passenger arrival and departure services
  • VIP lounges
  • VIP meet and greet services
  • Special passport services
  • On-site CIQ service for diplomatic operations
  • Personal communication desk
  • Up-to-date international newspapers
  • Colored weather charts
  • Computerized NOTAMs and ATC flight plan
  • Selective aircraft supplies
  • AOG services
  • Hotel bookings
  • Mobile phone rentals
  • Transfers and limousine services
  • Catering orders
  • Aircraft chartering
Slots & PPR:

Scheduled service category flights require pre-slot approvals with a minimum three months period prior to the launching date.

Non-scheduled service flights do not require slot approvals or PPR to KRT, HSSS.

However, all types of flights require normal CAA landing permit approval – the normal processing time for such an approval is 24 to 48 hours.

Airport authority doesn’t affect peak surcharge on either schedule carriers or the non-schedule carriers, or the business and general aviation operators.

KRT, HSSS capacity and built-in facilities are well fit to accommodate ongoing operations normally.

KRT, HSSS, however, has imposed night facility charge and lighting surcharge for aircraft that land during night times – from 1500 GMT until 0400 GMT.

CAA traffic rights and slots for commercial scheduled service, including both passenger and freighter, are processed bilaterally with the interference of the two countries’ CAAs and duration are not less than three months.

Permit for non-scheduled passenger flight or freighter is normally processed within 48 hours, with the existence of proof showing a clear description of what will be on board.

Emergency permits for business and general aviation flight are also processed in the duration of minimum 3 hours, even if during local weekend days since there are CAA employed officers on duty during night shifts and weekend days – covering the urgent and emergency flights.

Air Ambulance flights are also granted permits in two hours along the 24/7.

FBO Facilities:

Khartoum International Airport does not have a privately owned FBO facility.

However, there is an executive lounge available which is dedicated for the business and general aviation flights.

The lounge opening hours are also 24/7.

Visas, Customs & Immigration:

The crew is also allowed to access the aircraft with prior approval granted from the airport police security.

Crew from all nationalities are allowed to access the country with a maximum 72-hour stay on a general declaration.

Passengers of all nationalities require pre-visa before arrival. Passengers arriving on private jets or business class seats can possibly enter with a letter of guarantee from the local meeting body.

Israeli nationals are NOT allowed or permitted to fly to Sudan, as per the government policy.

Furthermore, for more information on the visa requirements for Sudan, kindly visit this website.

Finally, for any further inquiries or if you would require services at Khartoum International Airport – kindly contact Z-Aviation Services

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