Applying to Landing Permits in Russia

If you are planning to operate to Russia, you must be aware that Russia landing permits are always a requirement and must be obtained.

Russia Landing Permits Overview

If you are planning to operate to Russia, you must be aware that landing permits are always a requirement and must be obtained.

Furthermore, it is encouraged by Russian Civil Aviation Authority and through their AIP that landing permits be submitted at least 03 full working days prior to the flight.

However, considering the immense traffic and congestion to be faced due to the World Cup, it is highly suggested you submit your application much earlier.

To help you get things right the first time, you must be prepared to submit all the below documents when applying for a landing permit in Russia:

  •    Aircraft Registration
  •    Certification of Airworthiness / Aircraft Noise / Air Operator
  •    Insurance Documentation

Russian Aeronautical Information Publications

Non-scheduled Flights / private flights – landing permit application to Russia.

The request for 01-04 non-scheduled flights per month along the international airways and to the airports approved for the international flights shall be submitted not later than 03 (three) full working days and for more than 04 flights – not later than fourteen working days before the beginning of flight operation, excluding Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays of the Russian Federation, and shall be submitted either in Russian or in English to the Federal Air Transport Agency and copied to MATMC in following addresses:



The permission (approval) for nonscheduled flights is valid from 0001 UTC of the date of operation and is valid for 48 hours from the estimated time of departure in UTC.

Operators are requested to get slot confirmation from the airports that have slot coordination.

Application Form

An application for permission should have the following information.

  1. a) Name of the airline:
  2. b) Three – letter ICAO designation:
  3.    c) State of registry:
  4. Aircraft identification (flight number) not more than 7 symbols:
  5. a) Aircraft type of ICAO classification: (basic and alternative)
  6. b) Aircraft registration mark: (basic and alternative)
  7. c) Take-off/landing mass of the aircraft: (basic and alternative)
  8. a) Owner of the aircraft:
  9. b) Address of the owner:
  10. Purpose of the flight: (the interested organizations/persons in Russia)
  11. Category of the flight: (charter, additional, business and other)
  12. Flight crew (with indication of nationality):
  13. a) Passengers (the number, nationality):
  14. b) Cargo (its character):
  15. c) Charterer and his address:
  16. The date of flight operation and flight schedule (UTC) with indication of the points of commercial and technical landings (in ICAO codes), the points and estimated time of entry/exit into/out of the airspace of the Russian Federation:
  17. The form of payment of services and state charges: (for clearing settlement – indicate the address of the payer, the bank, account number)
  18. Remarks:

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