LIPV Venice-Lido Airport – Slots, Ground Handling & Aircraft Services

An operational guide including slots, ground handling and other aircraft services for operating to Venice-Lido Airport ( LIPV ) Venezia (Venice), Italy. 

All information listed below is provided by Aeroporto Nicelli.

General Operational Information:

Kindly note that the airport will be closed from the 22nd of December 2018 up until the 6th of January 2019.

No tower service after 1700 LT. Tower is also closed on Tuesdays, thus communications must be made “on the air”.

The runway is made of grass and is 994 meters in length, which is equivalent to 3,261 feet. Kindly note that communicating with the tower will ensure you avoid flying over houses and you will not need to taxi for long.

To learn more about approaching LIPV from the south, including Chioggia and Malamocco – kindly click here.

To learn more about approaching LIPV from the east, including Iesolo – kindly click here.

Finally, view or download the LIPV AIP, kindly click here.

Important Operational Information:

Type of traffic permitted is VFR.

Aircraft weight limitation is 5,700 KG.

Slots/PPR are NOT required.

Peak periods are during the summer.

Types of fuel available include AVGAS 100LL / Jet A1. Fuel prices can be viewed here on the official website.

Customs must be cleared before arriving from or departing to any extra-Schengen country including Switzerland, Croatia, and the United Kingdom. This must be done with minimum 3 hours before arrival or departure – and it can be done through the official website linked here.

To gain access to more important aviation charts including the VFR Area Chart, Approach Chart, Aerodrome Chart and more – kindly visit this link.

Airport & Custom Hours:

Summer 2018 – March 25 to October 27: 0700 – 1700 UTC

Winter 2018 – October 28 to 30 March: 0800 – 1600 UTC

Operations can be requested outside these hours up until sunset – with surcharge.

No limitations for helicopters – 24hrs on request.

Tower operating hours (AFIU) are from 0700 – 1500 UTC.

For more information on radio communications when operating to LIPV – visit the official website by clicking here

Aircraft Services:

You can calculate the airport landing fees online prior to operating your trip through the official website linked here. This allows you to input and calculates your aircraft type, weight, arrival and departure points, number of passengers, parking hours, nights and fuel required.

Aircraft services provided include refueling and hangar. Reservations for hangars are recommended to be made early due to limited spaces – this can be done by filling up the form on the official website by clicking here.

FBO Facilities:

There is no FBO facility within the airport.

However, there is an executive lounge available for VVIP PAX – hours of operation are 0900 – 1900 LT.

Visas, Customs & Immigration:

European and US citizens do not require a visa to fly into Italy. Russian citizens require a visa.

Furthermore, for more information on the Italy visa application and requirements, kindly visit this link here.

Finally, for any further inquiries or if you would require services at Venice-Lido Airport – kindly contact Aeroporto Nicelli

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