LUX ELLX Luxembourg International Airport – Slots, Ground Handling & Aircraft Services

An operational guide including slots, ground handling and other aircraft services for operating to Luxembourg International Airport ( LUX / ELLX ) Luxembourg, Luxembourg

All information listed below is provided by Luxembourg Airport GAT.

General Operational Information:

Luxembourg Airport is Luxembourg’s only international airport for commercial air passenger and cargo operations as well as general aviation. The airport has a paved runway of 4000 m in direction 06-24, a parallel taxiway which serves 8 aprons for different activities.

There is no aircraft weight limitation for operating to Luxembourg International Airport.

Fuel uplifts and tech-stops are available at LUX, ELLX with a 50% of the handling fees by  Luxembourg Airport GAT.

The major restriction to be aware of when operating to Luxembourg International Airport is the long waiting time for fuelling. 

You can also find more contact information and documents on the Luxembourg Civil Aviation Authority by visiting the CAA section in the Luxembourg Country Page.

Airport & Custom Hours:

The airport is closed to traffic from 23:00 to 06:00, except for government flights, SAR flights,
humanitarian flights, hospital flights, distress flights and delayed scheduled flights.

The opening hours for the RAMP at Luxembourg Airport GAT are from 0500 to 2300. The reception is open from 0600 to 2200.

Aircraft Services:

Services provided by  Luxembourg Airport GAT at Luxembourg International Airport include;

  • Parking, choking of aircraft and departure assistance
  • Passenger and Luggage handling, transportation and escort
  • 5 crew transportation A/C-GAT-A/C
  • Customs and immigration
  • Catering
  • Fuelling
  • Hotel accommodation
  • Transportation including taxis and limousines
  • NOTAMs, weather briefing and printing of flight package
  • Access to crew lounge
Slots & PPR:

There is mandatory handling for PPR when operating to LUX, ELLX airport.

The peak periods at Luxembourg International Airport are during the month of June and the month of October.

There is no lead time required for the processing of permits.

For Commercial, Private/Business operations, Overflight/Landing Permit:

Concerning EU operators, the following information has to be provided:

– Arrival/Departure times and dates, exact routing, cargo, consignor, consignee
– AOC, Fleet Insurance Certificate, Copy of Security Manual Operator

Concerning Third Country operators, the following information has to be provided:

– Arrival/Departure times and dates, exact routing, cargo, consignor, consignee
– AOC, Copy of Security Manual Operator, Fleet Insurance
– COA, Insurance, Noise, Registration, TCO, ACAS II, EGPWS Certificates, Date of Manufacture of A/C.

Note: Flight schedule has to meet official opening hours of Luxembourg International Airport 06:00 to 23:00 local time for chapter 3 aircraft.

FBO Facilities:

The FBO at Luxembourg International Airport is operated by Luxembourg Airport GAT. The opening hours for the FBO are from 0600 to 2300 LT.

There is also a PAX and Crew lounge available at LUX, ELLX. The opening hours are the same as the FBO mentioned above.

Commercial charges are significantly increased in any of the below scenarios;

  • All operations from 2300 to 0500 – per movement
  • FBO extensions outside operation hours must be requested at least 6 hours before the closing time
  • Flights operating on Sunday and Bank Holidays
  • Charter flights with over 17 passengers.
Visas, Customs & Immigration:

Airport access for crew is possible with free parking (on the DOF).

For more information about visa requirements and a list of all nationalities – we suggest you visit this page.

For any further inquiries or if you would require services at Luxembourg International Airport – kindly contact Luxembourg Airport GAT

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