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Myanmar Landing Permit – Apply to Myanmar Landing Permit

Obtaining a Myanmar Landing Permit is a mandatory requirement for operating into the country. Learn more on applying to Myanmar landing permit & Myanmar overflight permit. MM Landing Permit, MM Overflight Permit, MMR Landing Permit, MMR Overflight Permit.

Firstly, if you are planning to operate to Myanmar, you must be aware that landing and overflight permits are a mandatory requirement for operating into Myanmar.

It is also extremely important to note that all non-schedule flights (PVT & MEDEVAC FLT) are not allowed to directly fly to ALL DOMESTIC AIRPORTS. The only exceptions are International Airports such as Yangon, Nay Pyi Taw & Mandalay.

Thus, all flights must operate via inbound/outbound and to/from three Int’l Airports only.

For example; if your Medevac Flt is pick up to VYBG or VYHH, via from VYYY or VYMD or VYNT in and out for C.I.Q process. The main reason for C.I.Q and Visa, and also do not allow entry with Embassy Visa to all Domestic Airports

Apply to Myanmar Landing Permit

Apply to Myanmar Landing Permit

Myanmar Landing Permit:

For landing permissions, apply to the Department of Civil Aviation Myanmar to the following address:

It is also important to keep in mind the type of operations that require prior permit approvals.

Commercial Operations Requirements to Myanmar:

Private Operations Requirements to Myanmar:

Myanmar Non-scheduled Flight Requirements:

If an operator intends to perform a non-scheduled flight or a series of non-scheduled flights into the Republic of the Union of Myanmar for the purpose of overflying, they shall apply to the Director General, Department of Civil Aviation in advance of 7 days from the effective date including information in the following order;
    a.    Name of the operator and the mailing/billing address;
    b.    Type of aircraft and registration marks;
    c.    Full itinerary on schedule including point of departure, point of destination, date and time of overflight;
    d.    Purpose of overflight (Passenger or Cargo) or freight, if Cargo and freight, to declare of Cargo/Freight;
    e.    Consignee / consignor or charterer;
    f.    Fax number, SITA address, AFTN address, contact person.
If an operator intends to perform a non-scheduled landing flight or a series of flights, the requirements are the same as above but with the following information in addition.
    a.    Local sponsor’s name and address.
    b.    Landing permission must be requested 14 days in advance.
    c.    If passenger-charter flights, list names and nationality of passengers.
    d.    If cargo-charter flight, type and nature of cargo is to be declared together with consignee/consignor.

Myanmar Private Flight Requirements:

Firstly, overflight permissions for private flights must be requested as a non-schedule flight, meeting the details stated below. Similarly, landing permissions for private flights are also to be made as the details stated below.

In order to obtain landing permission when operating to Yangon International Airport RGN, VYYY, request has to be made 7 days in advance of operations. Furthermore, landing permissions when operating to any other airport in Myanmar would require the request to be made 14 days in advance of operations.

In the case of private flight operations that cover medical evacuations through or into Myanmar, the following information must be included in the request:

•    Local sponsor’s name and address / phone number / fax number;

•    Patient information such as name, disease, age, presently attending hospital, caring doctor, organization of patient;

    •    Aircraft operator, mailing address, aircraft type and registration, as well as flight schedule date/time;


It is important to note that top priority is given to medical evacuation and similar flights that are operating into or through Myanmar.


Furthermore, all applications request must have the following documents as mandatory requirements:
1. Air Operator Certificate (if applicable)
2. Registration certificate
3. Airworthiness Certificate
4. Insurance certificate
5. Noise Certificate
6. Station Licence

Myanmar Aviation Support Service:

Apply to Myanmar Landing Permit
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Also, as a final reminder, please keep in mind that a Myanmar Landing Permit, Myanmar Overflight Permit is an absolute requirement for operating to Myanmar.

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