Taking Advantage of Flock Aviation Directory With the New Search Bar!

Achieving the ultimate user experience is our top goal at Flock Aviation Directory – and with our new search bar, we have taken another step towards reaching our goal.

We work daily towards improving the user experience of using Flock. Thus, we have taken into consideration the feedback we have received so far from our users. As a result, we would love to introduce our latest and advanced search navigation!

If you are an old user of Flock, you would remember how the old search bar worked. You could only search for airports by name, ICAO code, IATA code or country.

That, however, is no longer the case today. Our Flock team has now introduced an easy and quick way to search for so much more of what is available on the Flock database.

This is a crucial step towards achieving maximum efficiency of all the data that is available on the Flock Aviation Directory.

Search by Company

flock aviation directory company search

With an enormous number of 4,000+ companies listed in our directory, you could now quickly search for any service provider. This can be done by simply typing in the company name in the new search bar.

If you happened to want to work with a particular company and wanted to quickly check if they operate within a specific location, it has just become so much easier to do so.

Searching for a company now allows you to immediately find their Flock company profile. Through which you can learn more about everything that they have to offer.

This includes the contact details, company description, company website, all service locations and much more!

Skip the worries about going back and forth in an exchange of emails inquiring about where a particular company provides their services. Simply just look it up through our new search bar.

Search by Country

flock aviation directory country search

Did we mention we have nearly 10,000 different locations listed in the Flock Aviation Directory? We guarantee you will find the information you are looking for in any country in the world when using Flock Aviation Directory. When we say any – we mean it.

Our new search bar now allows you to search a country by its name, or two or three letter alpha code. In turn, giving you instant access to our new country page (don’t worry, we will get to that very soon in a new blog post).

Searching by country now allows you to find all the details you need to know about that particular country!

While we are still working on adding everything to all these locations, you are still more than likely able to find what you need to know on so many already.

This includes general country details and specific information about that country’s Civil Aviation Authority.

Now we all know how difficult and stressful it might sometimes be when it comes to finding information about CAA in certain countries around the world. But that is now all the much easier just by using Flock!

All the details you need to know including contact details and opening hours. The best part of it all – requirements, information and documents.

Again though, we have to keep you waiting for another blog post to dive into that part!

Check out the new search bar now! We really hope you enjoy this new feature and that it makes for more desirable user experience!

At Flock Aviation Directory, we are always looking for new ways to advance our platform. Even more, we hope to design it according to your needs and what suits you best!

If you have any comments to make, or features to ask for – we really are here to listen!

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