Operating GA flights, Cargo flights to Cuba – General Information, Challenges and Visa Requirements

Flight Operations to Cuba – General Aviation, Charter Flights, Cargo Flights

Have upcoming GA, Charter or Cargo Operations in Cuba? We at Consorcio Aviation have got you covered with over 10 years of experience performing the following services:

Consorcio Aviation - Cuba
Consorcio Aviation – Cuba

Common Challenges when Operating in Cuba:

Mobile Phone and Internet Access:

Only 41 out of 100 inhabitants have a mobile phone subscription (2017 estimate) and internet is limited and expensive.

Not to worry, our agents are on-the-ground and present at both Cuban International airports with comms ready-to-go to ensure smooth operations for you and your client.

Moving Money:

Our credit plan covers your Cuban Operations which require 100% upfront payment.

Cuba General Information:

Cuba, an island surrounded by the Caribbean Sea and North Atlantic Ocean, is located in the Caribbean. Stats:

Total Area: 110,860 sq km
Mean Elevation: 108m
Official Language: Spanish
Main Airport: MUHA/HAV (Jose Marti International Airport located in the capital Havana)
Secondary Airport: MUVR/VRA (Juan Gualberto Gómez Airport located in Varadero)

Cuba Visa Requirements:

There are only a small handful of nationalities that do not require any kind of visa to enter Cuba. The majority require either a tourist visa (“Tourist Card” valid for a 30-day stay) or a business visa. Visa processing may take up to four weeks so make sure to arrange your flight with ample time. You do not have four weeks? Good news, visas can be purchased upon arrival, but they will be more expensive, around USD 125. Also, some airlines sell visas before embarking for Cuba for approximately USD 25. Passengers will also need to either have valid medical insurance or purchase it upon arrival.

For more info on Cuban Visas visit: http://www.visabureau.com/worldwide/cuba-visa.aspx

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