Iraq Overflight Permit – How to Apply Now That Iraq Airspace is Open

Learn how to apply for an Iraq Overflight Permit (Iraq OVF forms available) through the Iraq Civil Aviation Authority now that the Iraq Airspace is open.

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Iraq Airspace Update –

A majority of Western countries have followed in the steps of the U.S. by lifting their bans on the Iraq Airspace – Flock helps you learn how to apply for an Iraq Overflight Permit.

The first number of international airlines to resume operations on Iraq OVF following the uplifting of their respective national bans were Emirates Airlines and Turkish Airlines back in November 2017.

The significant achievements of the country finding regional stability have paved the way for the U.S. FAA to also follow in similar footsteps.

The U.S. FAA uplifted their ban in December 2017.

Three major Western countries have since then also uplifted their respective bans including the United Kingdom, Germany, and France.

According to the airspace safety information published by the U.S. FAA, aircraft operators can use Iraq Overflight permissions for FL260 or above.

According to the United Kingdom, the confirmed airways for the FL250 or above are;

  • UL602 to ALPET
  • UM688
  • UM860

France, on the other hand, has allowed overflights at or above FL320 and has also specified the same airways as the United Kingdom, excluding the UL602 to ALPET.

Iraq Airspace is now available for overflights for the FL260. The German officials have not confirmed any particular airways yet.

Iraq Overflight Permit & Iraq Civil Aviation Authority –

The Iraq CAA has also been continually updating their own NOTAMs which can be viewed at this link.

These airways allow for the possibility of faster flights through the Middle East, and diverted routes are no longer a must use.

The following form can be used to apply for an Iraq overflight permit as provided by the CAA, a copy of which can be downloaded through this link.

For further instructions on the Iraq overflight permit request forms kindly view and download this link as permitted by the Iraq CAA.

For more forms for other permits and general or air safety forms, view them on the Iraq CAA website by visiting this link.

To apply for an Iraq overflight permit directly, use the following email;

Iraq Overflight Permit Request - Iraq Civil Aviation Authority

The following airports based in Iraq can be contacted for any further services, here.

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