Quick Flight Support – Landing Permits, Ground Handling in Africa & More!

Quick Flight Support is our latest Flock Member and our new sponsor for aviation services in Kenya! QFS provide ground handling services, landing permit, overflight permit and more across Africa. Learn more on how to request quotations from Quick Flight Support for your operations directly through Flock!

Quick Flight Support – Your Aviation Service Provider in Africa:

Quick Flight Support is a leading global flight support services provider specializing in servicing corporate, charter, commercial and cargo flight operations around the globe.

QFS offer an excellent full service, reliable, high quality, with international standards for all type of flights from A to Z. This is guaranteed through their massive communication network and great partnerships covering the entire world.

Quick Flight Support specializes in supporting flight operators that fly into the Middle East, Europe, Africa, Asia and Pacific.

The QFS team assists aircraft operators in obtaining relevant permissions and providing regional flight planning advice. QFS also takes care of the necessary arrangements for aircraft handling services, hotel reservation, and transportation arrangements.

Quick Flight Support has a team of experienced professionals dedicated to ensuring you receive a first-class service for all your flight preparations and requirements.

The Quick Flight Support team is available 24 hours a day, every day of the year to meet customers’ trip requirements.

Quick Flight Support will relieve you as an executive jet operator from all your flight arrangements! This gives you more time to concentrate on your crew, your VIP passengers and your flight.

Quick Flight Support is also able to provide you with aviation services in over 100 locations across the African continent. Moreover, a majority of these services are provided in locations that are usually difficult to operate to!

Quick Flight Support became an official Flock Member at the beginning of September. QFS has since proved to become a reliable provider by fulfilling multiple requests since coming onboard!

Quick Flight Support in Kenya – Overflight Permit, Landing Permit and Ground Handling services in Kenya:

Quick Flight Support is also our major sponsor for aviation services in Kenya! As a result of being based in Kenya, they are currently sponsoring the Kenya country page.

If you require a Kenya overflight permit, a Kenya landing permit or ground handling services in Kenya, simply click on the image below to request a quotation for your flight operations directly from Quick Flight Support!

Quick Flight Support will be able to provide you with a Kenya landing permit and Kenya overflight permit for your operations around the clock. In case you find yourself running short on time, QFS will get you out of that sticky situation!

QFS also provides a full list of aviation services in seven airports across Kenya alone. This includes ground handling services and more at HKJK, HKMO, HKNW, HKKI, HKWJ, HKML and also HKEL.

Overflight Permit, Landing Permit and Ground Handling services across Africa:

In addition to Kenya, QFS also provides aviation services including landing permits, overflight permits and more in over 40 nations across Africa!

Check out a full list of the locations that are supported by Quick Flight Support by visiting their Flock profile.

QFS is also available on the ground in HKJK, HKNW, HKMO, HKML, HKLU, HKEL, HKWJ, HKLK, HTDA, HTKJ, HUEN, DGAA, DFFD, DBBB, FGSL, DNMM, DNAA, FAOR, FALA, FACT, FNAM, HRYR, HSSJ. Furthermore, they are represented in all other airports that are listed in their Flock profile.

A full list of services provided by Quick Flight Support across Africa includes:

  • Overflight Permit
  • Landing Permit
  • Aircraft Cleaning
  • Catering
  • Clearances & Documentation
  • Crew Services
  • Ground Handling
  • Ground Transportation
  • Passenger Services
  • Security Services

Receive a Discount on Aviation Services in Africa through Flock:

By requesting your quotation through Flock, you are promised to receive the best possible rates! You can either request a quotation directly from Quick Flight Support or contact us with your request and we will take care of everything else for you!

Simply visit the Quick Flight Support profile on any airport they operate in and request your quotation directly through Flock!

Not only will this give you the possibility of receiving discounted rates on your requested aviation services, but you will also receive the full backing of our Flock support team!

In case you require information or services at any airport around the world, contacting companies through Flock ensures that the Flock support team will followup on your inquiry to make sure you get the response you need.

You can also contact the Flock support team directly via the Intercom Support Chat with your request and inquiries!

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