Reaching Top Search Results on Flock – Sorting Rules

If you are interested in learning how to reach top search results on Flock, then you must learn more about how our sorting rules work.

Want to reach the TOP of search results? Learn how to do so now!

With over 16,500 company listings in more than 52,000 airports – competition can get extremely tough. It may be very hard to get noticed!

At Flock, however, there are more ways than just one to get your company noticed. This blog post is dedicated to discussing all the ways in which you can get your company to feature at the very top of search results.

General Sorting Rules – Applies to All Ranks: 

Under all ranks, there are three different sorting rules that apply. The highest being local companies and the lowest being alphabetical order.

In other words, companies are first sorted into three main ranks and following that, the following rules apply. 

Companies that are locally-based in an airport ranked the highest. This is the strongest ranking, thus, if a company has a physical presence at an airport, it will rank higher than all the other companies in that location.

The second sorting rule is based on the age of membership. This is applicable to the highest ranking rule only.

Sorting priority is given to the companies that have first joined Flock and on how long they have been a member on the platform.

The lowest rank that kicks into play is alphabetical order. After all the initial rules kick in and the companies are sorted accordingly, the final sorting rule that applies is alphabetical order.

Companies that do not qualify for all the other ranks will be sorted in alphabetical order from A-Z.  

Rank 3 (Lowest) – Free Listings: 

Free listings have the lowest rankings among all types of companies on Flock.  Free listings are companies that have not even been claimed by the company itself or verified by Flock (a FREE process).

Rank 2 – Verified Companies: 

Verified companies qualify for the Rank 2 and are listed above all other free listings. Becoming a verified company is an extremely simple and free process that can be done within minutes.

Quite simply, any company listed on Flock can be claimed and managed by the actual company.

Likewise, any company that isn’t listed on Flock and is added by personnel from the actual company itself, qualifies for this rank as well. 

Find and navigate to your company profile on Flock. Then, click on “Manage this profile” button as highlighted in the image below.

It is important to keep in mind that you must sign-up and claim your company profile using an email that supports your company domain.

For example, when using a free email provider such as Gmail, Hotmail, Outlook or Yahoo – you will alternatively have to settle for uploading your company documents for proof of ownership in order to get verified.

Otherwise, simply signing up and claiming a company profile with an email that shares your company domain, it will qualify to get verified.

Rank 1 – Flock Members: 

Flock Members are listed at the very top of all search results in all serviced locations.  This means that if you are a Flock Member, you will be listed above all other verified companies and free listing in all search results. 

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To know more about the ranking factors that come into play when there are one or more Flock Members in the same airport, kindly refer to the General Sorting Rules mentioned above. 

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