Planning for the Russian World Cup

The World Cup is upon us, Russia will be hosting the tournament in a matter of months now. In case you have not planned your flight yet, the Flock Aviation Directory team is here to make sure all your Russia operations planning go smoothly.

General Information:

Slots are a requirement at all the airports in the host cities – availability of GA parking options will also be limited and is according to slot approval.

There needs to be a minimum 30-day window in the submission of slot requests to the Russian Civil Aviation Authority. Albeit confirmation not being official until up to 3 weeks before the tournament begins, the CAA is encouraging all operators to submit their requests as soon as possible.

Parking is also dependent on obtaining slot approval. In the host airports, you will most likely be permitted two hours on the ground at max (if you’re lucky), and in the case you would require overnight parking – you would definitely need to find an alternative airport.

NOTAMs have yet to be published for this event, however, you can be stay updated through this link.

Host Cities:

The World Cup games will be played in 11 different cities across Russia, each providing at least a single primary airport.

However, we acknowledge the fact that traffic would be extremely high in those airports, we have compiled a list of alternatives to each for your convenience.


Main Airports:

  1. Domodedovo International Airport (IATA: DME, ICAO: UUDD)
  2. Sheremetyevo International Airport (IATA: SVO, ICAO: UUEE)
  3. Vnukovo International Airport (IATA: VKO, ICAO: UUWW)
  4. Zhukovsky International Airport (IATA: ZIA, ICAO: UUBW)

Games Hosted:

Russia vs Saudi Arabia – Luzhniki Stadium Thursday 14 June 1800 LT

Germany vs Mexico – Luzhniki Stadium Sunday 17 June 1800 LT

Poland vs Senegal – Spartak Stadium 19 June 1800 LT

Portugal vs Morocco – Luzhniki Stadium Wednesday 20 June 1500 LT

Belgium vs Tunisia – Spartak Stadium Saturday 23 June 1500 LT

Denmark vs France – Luzhniki Stadium Tuesday 26 June 1700 LT

Serbia vs Brazil – Spartak Stadium Wednesday 27 June 2100 LT

Round of 16 Game 3 – Luzhniki Stadium Sunday 01 July 1700 LT

Round of 16 Game 8 – Spartak Stadium Tuesday 03 July 2100 LT

Semi-final Game 2 – Luzhniki Stadium Wednesday 11 July 2100 LT

Final – Luzhniki Stadium Sunday 15 July 1800 LT


Main Airport(s):

  1. Koltsovo Airport (IATA: SVX, ICAO: USSS)
  2. Chelyabinsk Balandino Airport (IATA: CEK, ICAO: USCC) *201km from SVX.
  3. Roshchino International Airport (IATA: TJM, ICAO: USTR) *328km from SVX.

Games Hosted:

Egypt vs Uruguay – Ekaterinburg Arena Friday 15 June 1700 LT

France vs Peru – Ekaterinburg Arena Thursday 21 June 2000 LT

Japan vs Senegal – Ekaterinburg Arena Sunday 24 June 2000 LT

Mexico vs Sweden – Ekaterinburg Arena Wednesday 27 June 1900 LT

Saint Petersburg:

Main Airport(s):

  1. Pulkovo Airport (IATA: LED, ICAO: ULLI)
  2. Petrozavodsk Airport (IATA: PES, ICAO: ULPB) *430km from LED
  3. Lappeenranta Airport – Finland (IATA: LPP, ICAO: EFLP) *180km from LED
  4. Savonlinna Airport – Finland (IATA: SVL, ICAO: EFSA) *249km from LED

Games Hosted:

Morocco vs Iran – Saint Petersburg Stadium 15 June 1800 LT

Russia vs Egypt – Saint Petersburg Stadium 19 June 2100 LT

Brazil vs Costa Rica – Saint Petersburg Stadium 22 June 1500 LT

Nigeria vs Argentina – Saint Petersburg Stadium 26 June 2100 LT

Round of 16 Game 7 – Saint Petersburg Stadium 03 July 1700 LT

Semi-finals Game 1 – Saint Petersburg Stadium10 July 2100 LT

Third Place Play-off – Saint Petersburg Stadium 14 July 1700 LT


Main Airport(s):

  1. Sochi International Airport (IATA: AER, ICAO: URSS)
  2. Krasnodar Pashkovsky International Airport (IATA: KRR, ICAO: URKK) *166km from AER
  3. Gelendzhik Airport (IATA: GDZ, ICAO: URKG) *173km from AER
  4. Anapa Vityazevo Airport (IATA: AAQ, ICAO: URKA) *420km from AER

Games Hosted:

Portugal vs Spain – Fisht Stadium 15 June 2100 LT

Belgium vs Panama – Fisht Stadium 18 June 1800 LT

Germany vs Sweden – Fisht Stadium 23 June 2100 LT

Australia vs Peru – Fisht Stadium 26 June 1700 LT

Round of 16 Game 2 – Fisht Stadium 30 June 2100 LT

Quarter Finals Game 4 – Fisht Stadium 07 July 2100 LT


Main Airport(s):

  1. Kazan International Airport (IATA: KZN, ICAO: UWKD)
  2. Yoshkar-Ola Airport (IATA: JOK, ICAO: UWKJ) *127km from KZN
  3. Ulyanovsk East Airport (IATA: ULY, ICAO: UWLW) *166km from KZN
  4. Begishevo Airport (IATA: NBC, ICAO: UWKE) *188km from KZN
  5. Kurumoch International Airport (IATA: KUF, ICAO: UWWW) *295km from KZN

Games Hosted:

France vs Australia – Kazan Arena 16 June 1300 LT

Iran vs Spain – Kazan Arena 20 June 2100 LT

Poland vs Colombia – Kazan Arena 24 June 2100 LT

Korea Republic vs Germany – Kazan Arena 27 June 1700 LT

Round of 16 Game 1 – Kazan Arena 30 June 1700 LT

Quarter Finals Game 2 – Kazan Arena 06 July 2100 LT


Main Airport(s):

  1. Saransk Airport (IATA: SKX, ICAO: UWPS)
  2. Penza Airport (IATA: PEZ, ICAO: UWPP) *106km from SKX
  3. Ulyanovsk East Airport (IATA: ULY, ICAO: UWLW) *210km from SKX

Games Hosted:

Peru vs Denmark – Mordovia Arena 16 June 1900 LT

Colombia vs Japan – Mordovia Arena 19 June 1500 LT

Iran vs Portugal – Mordovia Arena 25 June 2100 LT

Panama vs Tunisia – Mordovia Arena 28 June 2100 LT


Main Airport(s):

  1. Khrabrovo Airport (IATA: KGD, ICAO: UMKK)
  2. Palanga International Airport – Lithuania (IATA: PLQ, ICAO: EYPA) *117km from KGD
  3. Gdansk Lech Walesa Airport – Poland (IATA: GDN, ICAO: EPGD) *148km from KGD
  4. Liepaja International Airport – Latvia (IATA: LPX, ICAO: EVLA) *183km from KGD
  5. Kaunas International Airport – Lithuania (IATA: KUN, ICAO: EYKA) *223km from KGD

Games Hosted:

Croatia vs Nigeria – Kaliningrad Stadium16 June 2100 LT

Serbia vs Switzerland – Kaliningrad Stadium 22 June 2000 LT

Spain vs Morocco – Kaliningrad Stadium 25 June 2000 LT

England vs Belgium – Kaliningrad Stadium 28 June 2000 LT


Main Airport(s):

  1. Kurumuch International Airport (IATA: KUF, ICAO: UWWW)
  2.     Ulyanovsk East Airport (IATA: ULY, ICAO: UWLW) *172km from KUF
  3.     Bugulma Airport (IATA: UUA, ICAO: UWKB) *235km from KUF
  4.     Uralsk Airport – Kazakhstan (IATA: URA, ICAO: UARR) *246km from KUF

Games Hosted:

Costa Rica vs Serbia – Samara Arena 17 June 1600 LT

Denmark vs Australia – Samara Arena 21 June 1600 LT

Uruguay vs Russia – Samara Arena 25 June 1800 LT

Senegal vs Colombia – Samara Arena 28 June 1800 LT

Round of 16 Game 5 – Samara Arena 02 July 1800 LT

Quarter Finals Game 3 – Samara Arena 07 July 1800 LT


Main Airport(s):

  1. Rostov-on-Don Airport (IATA: ROV, ICAO: URRR)
  2. Luhansk International Airport – Ukraine (IATA: VSG, ICAO: UKCW) *150km from ROV
  3. Donetsk International Airport – Ukraine (IATA: DOK, ICAO: UKCC) *180km from ROV
  4. Krasnodar Pashkovsky International Airport (IATA: KRR, ICAO: URKK) *252km from ROV

Games Hosted:

Brazil vs Switzerland – Rostov Arena 17 June 2100 LT

Uruguay vs Saudi Arabia – Rostov Arena 20 June 1800 LT

Korea Republic vs Mexico – Rostov Arena 23 June 1800 LT

Iceland vs Croatia – Rostov Arena 26 June 2100 LT

Round of 16 Game 6 – Rostov Arena 02 July 2100 LT

Nizhny Novgorod:

Main Airport(s):

  1. Nizhny Novgorod Strigino International Airport (IATA: GOJ, ICAO: UWGG)
  2. Ivanovo South Airport (IATA: IWA, ICAO: UUBI) *198km from GOJ
  3. Yoshkar-Ola Airport (IATA: JOK, ICAO: UWKJ) *243km from GOJ

Games Hosted:

Sweden vs Korea Republic – Nizhny Novgorod Stadium 18 June 1500 LT

Argentina vs Croatia – Nizhny Novgorod Stadium 21 June 2100 LT

England vs Panama – Nizhny Novgorod Stadium 24 June 1500 LT

Switzerland vs Costa Rica – Nizhny Novgorod Stadium 27 June 2100 LT

Round of 16 Game 4 – Nizhny Novgorod Stadium 01 July 2100 LT

Quarter Finals Game 1 – Nizhny Novgorod Stadium 06 July 1700 LT


Main Airport(s):

  1. Volgograd International Airport (IATA: VOG, ICAO: URWW)
  2. Saratov Central Airport (IATA: RTW, ICAO: UWSS) *332km from VOG
  3. Astrakhan Airport (IATA: ASF, ICAO: URWA) *377km from VOG

Games Hosted:

Tunisia vs England – Volgograd Arena18 June 2100 LT

Nigeria vs Iceland – Volgograd Arena 22 June 1800 LT

Saudi Arabia vs Egypt – Volgograd Arena 25 June 1700 LT

Japan vs Poland – Volgograd Arena 28 June 1700 LT

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