SHJ OMSJ Sharjah International Airport – Slots, Ground Handling & Aircraft Services

An operational guide including slots, ground handling and other aircraft services for operating to Sharjah International Airport ( SHJ /  OMSJ ) Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

Learn more on how to apply for a landing permit in Sharjah here.

ll information listed below is provided by Ramjet Aviation Support.

General Operational Information:

All Air Operators shall submit APP (Advanced Passenger Process) for all passengers, including inbound/outbound/transit/transfer passengers and crew in advance.

The Air Operators shall take measures that the boarding directive received from UAE Government are followed.

For any questions or queries, you are recommended to contact API-UAE call center at – for registering carrier in API UAE portal, kindly visit this link.

As per GCAA, it is mandatory for all foreign operators to register their fleet details with GCAA and obtain the GCAP number.

Upon completing successful registration, each operator will be assigned a unique number prefixed with “GCAP” e.g. GCAPXYZ0117.

This registration number shall be included in Item 18 of the flight plan under the designator RMK / . For more information, kindly contact

Fuel uplifting is available 24/7 – AVGAS-100LL and AVTUR Jet A1 are the fuel types available at SHJ, OMSJ.

Tech-stops are also available for General Aviation aircraft at SHJ, OMSJ. There are no restrictions for technical stops at this airport.

There are no particular aircraft weight limitations at Sharjah International Airport. The airport accepts all types of aircraft, except those that are banned by the GCAA.

You can also find more contact information and documents on the UAE Civil Aviation Authority by visiting the CAA section in the  United Arab Emirates Country Page.

Airport & Custom Hours:

SHJ, OMSJ is one of the major airports in the United Arab Emirates – and it operates 24hrs every day throughout the entire year.

The airport customs and immigration facilities are also available 24hrs on a daily basis as well.

Aircraft Services:

Ramjet Aviation Support can provide all kind of trip support for flights operating to Dubai International Airport. These services include;

  • Landing permit (traffic landing or technical landing)
  • Slots (only for GA flights)
  • Ground handling services (aircraft, passenger, cargo)
  • Catering services
  • Fuel services
  • Hotel accommodation for crew and passengers
  • Transportation for crew and passengers (airport-hotel-airport)

On top of these services, Ramjet also provides dedicated supervisory services at the airport.

Their staff is also well-experienced in all areas of airport operation such as passenger terminal, ramp and cargo warehouse.

Their staff will also be present in the airport to coordinate all the operational requirements for all types of flight operations.

Slots & PPR:

Slots are NOT a requirement for operating to SHJ, OMSJ airport.

There are also no specific peak periods at SHJ, OMSJ airport – it mainly depends upon the traffic at a particular time. 

The lead time for the processing of permits is 24 hours for General Aviation flights. For all other kinds of operation, the lead time varies from 24-48 hours.

In the case that the CAA requires further information or documents to support the permit application, it may take more time depending on the availability of such information from the Operator/Customer.

FBO Facilities:

Sharjah International Airport has only one FBO facility, which is operated by GAMA AviationExecutive lounges are also available for VVIP pax.

All facilities are available 24/7.

Visas, Customs & Immigration:

The crew can enter the country using GENDEC – and will have a valid stay for 07 days.

The crew must also have a valid crew ID with the expiration date printed on it, valid passport and the crew should be in uniform while at the immigration desk.

If the crew require to access the airside, temporary airport passes can be obtained from the authorities.

European, United States and Russian nationalities receive VISA on arrival in the United Arab Emirates.

Furthermore, for more information on the visa requirements for United Arab Emirates, kindly visit this website.

Finally, for any further inquiries or if you would require services at Sharjah International Airport – kindly contact Ramjet Aviation Support

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