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Sky Handling is a handling and fuelling company specializing in organizing and providing flight support and comprehensive ground handling for business aviation, passenger, cargo, charter flights (in Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan) and refuelling.

Sky Handling

Sky Handling Reach Across Eastern Europe:

They continue to expand their reach across Eastern Europe with an already impressive number of locations covered.

Based in Ukraine – Sky Handling is now able to provide any service you might require across major airports in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia and Moldova.

These locations include UDYZ in Armenia, UMGG and UMMS in Belarus, UGSB, UGKO and UGTB in Georgia, LUKK in Moldova and over 15 major airports in Ukraine.

Sky Handling are able to provide everything from ground handling to refuelling, permits, catering and even more services in all of the mentioned locations.

Taking into consideration the close personal connections at Flock and Sky Handling, you can now apply for services either by contacting them directly through Flock or talking to our operations support team through the Intercom chat and rest assured that all your urgent requests will be taken care of immediately.

Sky Handling is also able to provide maintenance services, supervision and coordination, visa assistance, customs clearance, VIP lounges, HOTAC accommodation, transportation, slot co-ordination, payment for 3rd party services and personal security in all of their locations across Eastern Europe.

Requesting Sky Handling Services through Flock:

As a Flock user, we can guarantee that all your urgent requests will be met with a response immediately! Simply submit your inquiry through the Flock platform.

Our operations support team work around the clock to ensure that all your inquiries are taken care of ASAP.

The dedicated team at Sky Handling can ensure that all your urgent requests and requirements are dealt with easily!

Contact us now for the latest information on all the services that Sky Handling will be able to provide within Eastern Europe. We will take care of your request on the spot.

Get in touch with us with your request to find out which services are applicable for a discount. We will set you up with the best possible prices!

Sky Handling’s History – Experienced Youth:

Sky Handling has been operating for over seven years in the aviation market and is proudly certified by the Civil Aviation Authority and according to ISO:9001 standard.

With the head office based in Ukraine in Kyiv, and an additional two apron offices located at Boryspil International Airport and Kiev Zhuliany International Airport.

Sky Handling has an enormous physical presence throughout fifteen major airports in Ukraine.

Sky Handling’s flexible pricing strategy combined with the benefits operators receive from applying for services through Flock ensure that you will receive the best possible prices for your required services in Eastern Europe.

Sky Handling

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