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TBS UGTB Tbilisi International Airport – Slots, Ground Handling & Aircraft Services

An operational guide including slots, ground handling and other aircraft services for operating to Tbilisi International Airport ( TBS /  UGTB ) Tbilisi, Georgia

All information listed below is provided by AFS Ground Handling.

General Operational Information:

There is no aircraft weight limitation at Tbilisi International Airport.

The airport is located 17km SE of Tbilisi. It is a CAT 7 airport, with elevation at 1624 FT. The runway dimension at TBS, UGTB is 3000M x 45M – PCN 66/R/A/W/T.

You can also find more contact information and documents on the Georgia Civil Aviation Authority by visiting the CAA section in the  Georgia Country Page.

Airport & Custom Hours:

Airport & Customs are open 24/7.

Aircraft Services:

AFS Ground Handling accept full GH payments through cash, credit card and/or on credit base. They also offer free permit assistance for flights.

AFS also offer fuel on WFS and AWCARD. Fuel provided is changed twice a month – kindly contact them directly to inquire about the latest prices.

Additional aircraft services provided by AFS include;

  • Full ground handling & supervision for all flights / this covers all the airports in Georgia
  • Fuel TS-1 and Jet-A
  • VIP lunge for PAX
  • Hotel booking for crew
  • Crew transportation 
  • Catering
Slots & PPR:

Slots & PPR are NOT a requirement when operating to TBS, UGTB.

The lead time for the processing of permits is 3 hours – if all documents are valid.

FBO Facilities:

There is a VIP lounge available at Tbilisi International Airport – operated by AFS Ground Handling.

There are different prices for the usage of the VIP lounge and VIP hall, kindly contact them directly to inquire about the latest prices.

Visas, Customs & Immigration:

Crew members that are of European, United States and Russian nationalities do not require a VISA to enter Georgia.

Furthermore, for more information on the visa requirements for Georgia, kindly visit this website.

Finally, for any further inquiries or if you would require services at Tbilisi International Airport – kindly contact AFS Ground Handling

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