TGD LYPG Podgorica Airport – Slots, Ground Handling & Aircraft Services

An operational guide including slots, ground handling and other aircraft services for operating to Podgorica Airport ( TGD /  LYPG ) Podgorica, Montenegro. 

All information listed below is provided by Aerodrom Podgorica.

General Operational Information:

SI AVGAS 100LL is not available at this airport. Appropriate NOTAM has been issued: A0860/18. 

Passengers boarding is not allowed while the aircraft engine is running. 

Payment method for airport services is cash and also credit card (Visa, Mastercard).

Kindly be advised if you are not able to reach the CAA due to their operating hours or on weekends, you can also contact the Air Traffic Control Office at the airport (00-24hrs).

To check contact details for the Air Traffic Control Office, just visit the airport page.

Important notice – be advised that starting aircraft engines for general aviation (including start up engine for cabin climatization/air conditioning purposes) without the presence of the Marshall is strictly prohibited. Furthermore, see NOTAM A0582/18. 

Finally, for Civil Aviation Authorities information and contacts – kindly visit the Montenegro country page here.

Airport & Custom Hours:

Opening hours for airport and customs for IATA Summer Season 2018 are;

  • 25.MAR – 30.MAY – Days: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7, from 04:30 UTC – 20:30 UTC
  • 31.MAY – 30..SEP – Days: 2, 3, 4, 6 and 7, from 04:00 UTC – 21:00 UTC | Days: 1 and 5, from 04:00 UTC – 22:00 UTC
  • 01.OCT – 27.OCT – Days: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7, from 04:30 UTC – 20:30 UTC

As for the Winter Season, a schedule will also be announced and issued accordingly.

Operational Limitation:

The airport is RFF6, it also has limitations for both aircraft and weight.

The aircraft usually handled are: F100, E195, DH4, AT7, A319, A320 up to B738 and A321.

For B738 AND A321 we provide RFF7 in case of a company request.

Slots & PPR:

The airport is not slot coordinated, however, the schedule request must be coordinated with the Operating Center of the airport and be confirmed prior.

PPR is not required for general aviation.

Peak Periods During Summer Season:

  • Wednesday: from 0700h – 1700h
  • Thursday: from 0700h – 1700h
  • Sunday: from 0700h – 2300h
  • Monday, Tuesday Friday and Saturday: from 1400h – 1700h

All the times presented above are local.

Catering Services:

If you require any catering services – you can contact and view all contact information for the authorized catering provider at Podgorica Airport –  Voda U Krsu by clicking the link here.

Important notice – food and beverage delivered from any other non-authorized catering provider is not allowed and will be sanctioned, as well as any other way of carrying in the food or beverage by crew or passengers is strictly prohibited.

Services offered by Voda U Krsu include:

  • Communication with catering order-er and the crew of the aircraft
  • Storage of food and beverage providing the required temperature regime
  • Security and handling with the equipment for food preparation and delivery
  • Preparing food on customer’s request
  • Food and beverage supply including other foodstuff (such as ice, etc.)
  • Delivery of food and beverage to the aircraft
  • Loading and unloading of food and beverage to/from the aircraft
  • Download, wash and deliver clean dishes to the aircraft
Fuel Services:

If you require any fueling services – you can contact and view all contact information for the authorized fuel provider at Podgorica Airport – Jugopetrol AD by clicking the link here.

Fuel payment methods also include cash, credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express) and fuel cards (World Fuel Services – US Government, Avcard).

FBO Facilities:

Airport Podgorica is the only handler.

VIP & Presidential Lounge are also available –  hours of operation are the same as airport hours mentioned above.

Pricing for VIP Lounge, Presidential Lounge and VIP Pass can also be provided upon inquiry.

If you require any services – you must send a request at least 24 hours in advance. You must also provide the client names, flight number and date.

Regarding the payment – you can also pay by prepayment wire transfer, remote CC charge or by credit card or cash on the spot.

The services provided include;

On Arrival:

  • Meet clients at the aircraft and transport clients by private vehicles (shared with no one else) through the tarmac to the terminal
  • Escort clients to a private VIP (Presidential) lounge
  • Expedite all security, passport, and customs formalities within the private VIP lounge
  • Collect luggage for passengers and deliver to VIP (Presidential) lounge
  • Coordinate with the client’s car service and escort the clients out to their vehicle once all airport formalities have been completed

On Departure:

  • Escort to a private lounge in which bags will be taken and the passenger is checked-in directly in the lounge.
  • Escort through airport greeter and then be driven in a private car tarmac transfer to board the commercial flights
Hotel Accommodation:

If you require hotel accommodation – get in touch with the following recommended contacts for direct assistance and agreement:

Regarding transportation to the hotel, there is a taxi station in front of the terminal buildings.

You can also arrange transportation services directly with the hotel, which will be included in the hotel charge.

Visas, Customs & Immigration:

Crew is not allowed any special airport access.

European, United States and Russian nationalities do not require any visas.

Furthermore, for more information about visa requirements and a list of all nationalities – we strongly suggest you visit this page.

Finally, for any further inquiries or if you would require services at Podgorica Airport – kindly contact Aerodrom Podgorica

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