Utilizing Your Price List to Increase Exposure

In our previous blog, we discussed how Flock designed a unique business environment in which price quotations are vital to increase exposure and generate leads.

Creating your price list is only the first step towards achieving your goals. In this blog, we will look towards what is needed to be done next.

Now, it is essential to consider what needs to be done once your price list has been completed.

In case you have not created your price list yet, do not hesitate in downloading the unique template designed by Flock.

If you have a template you would personally like to use on your own, feel free to do so as well. Even though, we strongly recommend that you download our offer even if it is only for educational use.

Covering the Basics

If you have created your price list, your attention must now turn towards how you can utilize it to its maximum efficiency.

First, we should think about how it would help your company internally in day-to-day operations. Let us assume you have created a generic price list that covers all of your general services.

In your daily activities, you could utilize your price list by using it as an immediate response to clients that are inquiring about your services.

As mentioned in previous blog posts, transparency is key to creating a comfortable atmosphere and trust between yourself and your clients.

When a client receives such a detailed and immediate response, it allows for a more relaxing and pleasant process for both parties. It would cut short a large number of email exchanges, possible department transfers and so on.

You would no longer have to transfer clients to your sales department. Nor would you have to go back and forth in a never-ending exchange of emails about services and prices.

This saves you valuable time in which you could put your resources to better use. Keep in mind that every minute of the day counts. You would not want it to be wasted on such simple inquiries.

Utilizing Price List

How about utilizing your price list to gain exposure and generate leads? Well, we have the perfect platform for you to do that, with Flock.

It is rare for a business not have an online presence nowadays, so it is most probable that your company will have a website. If not a website, then maybe even social media accounts.

By adding your price list to Flock, you can link your Flock profile to your website and social media accounts.

Not only will you get direct traffic from Flock users, but you will also divert your online traffic to your Flock profile. This is where they can view your price list.

The reason this is mentioned is that keep in mind – only registered users can see your price list. You will also be notified of exactly who has viewed it.

This automatically creates a potential lead for your company that you can immediately get in touch with to follow-up on their interest.

Gain, Generate, Seize

The most important aspect of online traffic is making sure that they can take immediate action. You have to ensure this can be done before they move on to somewhere else. At Flock, they are provided with many options to do so.

Do not underestimate how vital it is to create a scenario in which a user can immediately show their interest. Even better with Flock, you can be notified of that interest immediately.

This can be through contacting you directly – an option available on your Flock profile. This can also be by checking your price list – you will be notified. These quick actions help capture a potential lead immediately and make sure that you at least have the opportunity to follow-up.

Your Flock profile is detailed, probably more-so than you think. Not only can users view your price list and services, but they can also see your details and areas of operation. This all happens on a single page.

Even if you have your corporate website, the chances are that information is either not there as detailed as it is on Flock. It is most probably very spread out across multiple different pages.

Such scenarios create a lethargic environment for users. They wouldn’t feel compelled to go through numerous pages of a website to find what they are looking for. The chances are they will just move on to finding a quicker resolution.

Building up your Flock profile extensively would make sure that any potential client can view all that information directly and in a matter of seconds. Best of it all is that it is with just a scroll of a page.

Marketing Your Price List

You could also use your price list in email marketing, add a link to your company profile on Flock.

You will get notified on anyone who views your price list and gets in contact with them.

There are many ways you could utilize your price list and your Flock profile for exposure. So, make sure to take advantage of it.

Be efficient, get the most significant results with the least amount of effort. We have already built the platform for you, all you need to do is fill in the blanks.

Again, it is imperative that we mention that you are in complete control over who gets to view your price list on Flock.

After uploading your price list, you get the option to choose who exactly you would like to see it.

By default, only operators verified by Flock can view them. However, you have that choice to make for yourself.

This feature was created so that you can rest assured your competition cannot view your price list. Only interested clients, and potential leads.

We’re here for you

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