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WAR WAJR Waris Airport – Slots, Ground Handling & Aircraft Services

An operational guide including slots, ground handling and other aircraft services for operating to Waris Airport ( WAR / WAJR ) Swach, Indonesia. 

All information listed below is provided by the ASA Group.

First of all, WAJR is a domestic airport, not an AoE (Airport of Entry/Exit). 
Also, there is no CIQ available. Therefore, any foreign registered aircraft that will be operated into a non-AoE airport should obtain the following:
1. Most noteworthy, special domestic permission approval from DGAT (Director General of Air Transport).
2. Arrival & departure slots from local WAJR airport authority and any international domestic airport (AoE).

3. Furthermore, depending on the flight mission, it might be required to apply for a Security Clearance in Papua. This is the case if the crew will operate for certain times (not only one time/ad-hoc flight).

4. Complete the CIQ clearances at any AoE Airport (for instance: WABB/BIK, WAKK/MKQ, WAPP/AMQ, WAMM/MDC, WAAA/UPG, etc) before going into WAJR/WAR and then after the flight operations from WAJR/WAR.

If you would like to apply for any services at WAJR/WAR – contact Irvan Rudyantho (Operations Manager) –

Finally, if you are interested in working with ASA Group in other locations – you can find a full list of their locations of operation by visiting their Flock company profile here.

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