Woodgate Aviation – Flock’s Official Sponsor at Belfast International Airport | Exclusive Deals, Discounted Prices and More!

Woodgate Aviation has been the leading provider of Corporate, Business, Private and General Aviation services in Northern Ireland since 1969. Flock Operators can now fly to Belfast International Airport and enjoy exclusive deals including free handling and discounts on fuel purchase.

June 2018 – Woodgate Aviation joins Flock and sponsors Belfast International Airport:

In June 2018, one of the most well-renowned Fixed Based Operators in Northern Ireland, Woodgate Aviation, became one of the first companies in the region to sign-up as a Flock Member.

Upon completing the on-boarding process, Woodgate Aviation became the official sponsor and Flock’s recommended go-to supplier at Belfast International Airport.

Woodgate Aviation operates a luxury designed FBO that has been built with the finest of details in mind that it will be serving all types of flights visiting Belfast for decades to come.

With Belfast International Airport being one of the most popular fuel stop destinations for North Atlantic Flight Operations, Woodgate Aviation have eclipsed your average Fixed Based Operator.

Woodgate Aviation became an AVFuel branded FBO – supporting their own dedicated 18,000 litre Jet A1 fuel bowser.

Operators are guaranteed an exquisite experience and an unparalleled level of service when operating to BFS, EGAA with Woodgate Aviation.

You can view the exclusive offers and discounted prices available to all operators in BFS, EGAA – Northern Ireland by clicking here.

July 2018 – Woodgate Aviation now offer free handling and discount on fuel purchase!

As of late June, Woodgate Aviation has started offering all Flock Operators free handling with every fuel purchase when operating to Belfast International Airport.

This special package, available to all operators when submitting a quotation request or contacting Woodgate Aviation directly through Flock, has been further enhanced as of late July – with the addition of a discount on every fuel purchase, available exclusively to all Flock Members.

To learn more about these special offers, click on this link here to go directly to Woodgate Aviation’s company profile at Belfast International Airport and either request a quotation, or contact them directly.

Woodgate Aviation offers exceptional services that include passenger, aircraft and baggage handling, jet fuel & AVGAS/100LL, chauffeur transfers (air-side collection and drop-off available), VIP in-flight catering services, customs and immigration, hangarage and secure parking.

Woodgate Aviation’s Story – At the cusp of half a century of dedication:

Established in 1969, Woodgate Aviation is close to reaching half a century of providing uninterrupted assistance to flights operating to Northern Ireland.

Throughout the years, Woodgate Aviation has become members of the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA).  They are also holders of an Air Operator Certificate.

Both that have been approved by the European Aviation Safety Agency and Civil Aviation Authority.

This is in respect to the safety standards and service that Woodgate Aviation has continuously offered since its founding.

Woodgate Aviation offers a distinct variety of services that include:

  • Charter Aircraft
  • Aircraft Management
  • Aircraft Maintenance
  • FBO/VIP Aircraft Handling
  • Air Ambulance/Air Ambulance Handling

Additionally, Woodgate Aviation also boasts a fleet of 2 Beechcraft King Air BE200 turboprop. Woodgate’s fleet also includes a 5 PA31 Piper Chieftain piston engine aircraft.

This fleet is utilized on private charters, air ambulance patient transfer and ordinance survey contracts.

Along with a luxurious FBO facility, comes a state-of-the-art Executive Aviation Lounge designed for the optimal experience. Before departure, guests can sit back and relax in the departure lounge located in Woodgate Aviation’s very own private terminal.

Hosting up to 20 passengers, the lounge is equipped with illumination dedicated to creating a relaxed and temporary environment. The lounge also has a full bar, tea & coffee facilities, WiFi, newspapers and condiments. Additionally, it supports direct air-side access lounge doors which allow for a smooth and stress-free boarding during departure.

As an AVFuel branded FBO, Woodgate Aviation are also the main handlers for tech-stop and fuel-stop aircraft that are operating to Belfast International Airport.

The quickest of tech-stops and fuel-stops turnarounds are made possible with their 18,000 litre Jet A1 fuel bowser at hand.

Additional Services provided by Woodgate Aviation:

Additional services include providing AVGAS and clearance for immigration and customs. Their concierge team also arranges ground transportation and hotel bookings for all night-stopping flight crews at Belfast International Airport.

Pilots and crew can also bask in an array of services made available at BFS, EGAA. These include a dedicated crew room that offers refreshments, shower and WC facilities.

Flight crews are also able to take advantage of the fact that Woodgate Aviation is an AVFuel branded FBO. This is possible by collecting AVTrip points whenever fuel is uplifted.

Woodgate Aviation also provides the exclusive hangarage available at Belfast International Airport.

The hangar expands across 33,000 sq ft and was constructed in 2015. At that time achieving a record of having the largest hydraulic door in Europe, used to access the hangar floor.

Including the wide variety of services previously mentioned, Woodgate Aviation also provides helicopter handling.

The strategic location of Belfast International Airport at the North East of Ireland makes it the ideal location for off-shore operations or Search and Rescue (SAR) operators that require a land base service centre for refuelling.

All visiting helicopters, private or commercial, can take advantage of all the facilities and services provided to fixed winged aircraft.

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