Deciding on Working With A Flight Support Company

You should always debate whether or not you should work with a flight support company when operating a flight.

Choosing to work with one is not always the right decision, and there are many reasons for that.

Similarly, there are also many reasons as to why you should work with one.

This decision depends on the flight that you are handling.

This blog will discuss the different reasons as to why you should and should not work with a flight support company.

A large number of operators choose to work with flight support companies on a regular basis.

This could be something that has either derived out of habit, or comfort, and is not necessarily always the correct decision.

Other operators choose to work alone most of the time, and that consumes a lot more effort and resources than it should.

We aim is to help you recognize the key factors that should help make up your decision and weigh out your options. 

Benefits of Working Alone

When avoiding work with a flight support company, you are inevitably going to reduce the cost of your flight.

Working with handlers directly and not having to arrange the work through an intermediary will cut down on your costs.

These costs pile up significantly over time depending on the number of operations, so it is important not to dismiss it.

Having direct contact with the local handler also saves you a lot of time and allows you to have a quicker turnaround in case any changes to your flight take place.

Having a direct channel of communication with your handler rather than an intermediary saves you time and effort.

This is preferable than having to talk to someone at the flight support company, who will, in turn, talk to the handler and then have to get back to you if there are any further questions.

Working directly also allows you to have the freedom to choose which handler you would like to work with.

That is not the case when working with a flight support company, where you would be stuck working with the handler that the company is contracted with.

If you plan to operate in the same location on a frequent basis, it is strongly advised to work directly with a local supplier.

This will not only save costs over time, but you will also be assured that the handling company is updated on continuous changes.

Changes take place to the regulations within the region and are ready to make sure your flight is handled with care and without any unforeseeable problems.

A significant number of handlers are also able to support you with;

  • required landing permit
  • overflight permit
  • slots if required
  • transportation
  • hotel
  • catering
  • accommodation

Finding your one-stop-shop for all your required services would be the ideal situation and would certainly save you a lot of money in the long-term.

Finally, it is important to mention that when you are working directly with the handler, you will always have someone on the ground that is directly communicating and working with your passengers and crew.

This will significantly improve the quality of service that you are receiving and is also a preferable situation to be in for many operators.

Benefits of Working With A Flight Support Company

Similarly, there are also many reasons as to why you should be working with a flight support company.

For starters, there will very likely be no language barriers at all. You will not have to face the struggles of working with local handlers in foreign regions that do not speak your language.

In certain countries, working directly with local handlers could prove to be impossible because of the language barriers.

Thus, highlighting the importance of having a flight support company take care of your services within that region.

Flight support companies are also more likely to have direct contact with the decision-makers in the region, which in turn means that you will have a smoother operation for both your crew and passengers.

As you may very well know, in many regions around the world it is extremely difficult to be able to get any help from contacts that you may find and would require high ranking personnel in that area to be able to pull the strings.

More often than not, you will find a flight support company that has direct contact with such people and can get you exactly what you require.

Working with a flight support company can also act as an insurance policy for obtaining your permits and slots on time for your flight operations.

They will also take care of amending clearances in case of any schedule changes.

This acts as a cushion so you can rest your mind and not worry about whether or not you will be getting your permits or slots in time.

Flight support companies also typically have contracts with local suppliers, meaning that they will most likely have better prices to offer.

They will be able to get a good credit line, which means that you will not have to worry about paying upfront for your required services.

This in turn relieves your crew from the headache of having to chase local suppliers to make payments on time to keep pace with the schedule planned for your flight operation.

Contrary to working directly with local handlers, you are assured a one-stop-shop at all times.

They will be able to coordinate all the services you may require, saving you the worry of working with multiple local suppliers.

This will also save you the worry of attempting to find a local supplier that could act as a one-stop-shop.

They are also likely to have dedicated staff looking after your flight operations, and in some cases have their representative that will supervise the services locally.

In certain locations, it will prove to be much better to work with a flight support company because you will be getting all the attention that you require and would always have someone to attend to your every wants and needs.

The most important factor of all, and an issue operators are all too well familiar with, is that certain locations will prove difficult, if not impossible to work in.

The real value of working with flight support companies are noticed in such situations where they have direct access to officials and people within that region that can pull off certain decisions that will otherwise be impossible to get on your own.

This is critical when operating in several important locations around the world, and a process that certainly could not be done without the help of a company with such connections.

Finally, the last factors you would need to take into consideration is that some locations do not accept certain currencies besides their local one, and you will need a flight support company to be able to pay using the local currency.

You would also require to have them in some locations due to security reasons, such as ensuring the security of the aircraft, passengers, and crew.

Weigh It Out

There cannot be one definite answer as to whether or not you should work with a flight support company because it will always be based mainly on your type of operation.

However, you should always make sure that you are making the right choice by weighing out your options.

Weigh out the pros and cons and then decide whether or not you need to, it would not always be wise to spare a few bucks and end up spending much more in time and resources, or vice versa.

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