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Working in aviation, one quickly learns how vital (and often hard) it is to find accurate information on airports, suppliers or operators. Flock Aviation Directory is the solution.

Flock Aviation Directory –

Being able to quickly get this one phone number or email address that actually works, or find a reliable provider on an airport you have never operated to before – can make a real difference measured in thousands of dollars.

With this understanding, we have built Flock – a comprehensive source of business information for aviation professionals.

It has started out as a business directory for general aviation presenting contact and services information for airports, FBOs, handlers and suppliers.

But Flock Aviation Directory has quickly grown to be more than just that.

Flock has expanded beyond your run of the mill directory by adding;

  • community features
  • notifications and alerts
  • on-demand information services
  • supplier pricing listings
  • direct suppliers-operators communication

Our roadmap holds even more useful features, so make sure to keep tabs on recent Flock developments.

Complete Airport, FBOs, Handlers and Suppliers Directory for Business Aviation

At its very core, Flock is a directory of airports, FBOs, handlers, flight support companies, and providers all over the world.

Our goal is to provide accurate and up to date information on contact details and services offered at every airport around the globe.

Our mission is to become a reliable and comprehensive source of business information for the whole business aviation community. 

Flock Company Profile

As of January 2018, there are 38,653 airports and 4006 companies details for 9728 locations around the globe in our database.

Our team is continuously working on adding, verifying and updating our database to increase its coverage and accuracy.

Community Driven – For Aviation Professionals by Aviation Professionals

One of the many things making Flock Aviation Directory different from regular directories currently available is its community aspect.

Having experienced how active, open and willing to share aviation communities are (just look at aviation-related forums).

We have made Flock accessible for anyone not only to get all the information for free but also to contribute. That is why our tagline is being a community-driven aviation directory.

Anyone can get all the information on Flock for free with no strings attached. Our team is working tirelessly to provide the community with as much accurate information as possible.

But we believe that the real power of our directory lies within its community features – allowing anyone to expand, correct and update information in our databases.

Noticed something missing? Possibly a useful contact detail or a provider operating in a specific airport not being represented in our directory yet?

You can add this information yourself making sure listings are more valuable and informative; while somebody else will do it for other listings.

Together, as a community, we can build a living, continually updated and verified directory supporting the community as a whole.

Flock Aviation Directory Contact Information
Got any questions or notes regarding specific airport or provider?

Each of these profiles contains comments sub-forum where you can freely discuss relevant topics with our team and the entire Flock community.

More than just a directory – updates, subscriptions, on-demand information

Our goal for Flock Aviation Directory is to be more than just a static directory – we want to keep you up to date on relevant information anytime and anywhere.

This is why we’ve introduced “Subscription” feature.

If you’re particularly interested in a specific airport or provider you often work with; you can subscribe to updates and be notified anytime something urgent comes up or changes.

Flock Aviation Directory Notification System

Besides having our team gather useful business information for Flock; we invite our users to contact us directly with any questions they may have.

If you haven’t found something in our directory, please let us know, and we may just be able to help you out (while improving Flock directory at the same time).

Connecting Operators and Providers

We understand that finding the right information is just the means to an end.

So apart from providing you with that information, we’re taking further steps to help your business get done faster and easier.

Flock Aviation Directory goes beyond what you’d expect from a regular directory by;

  • enabling direct communication between providers and operators
  • automation features for publishing
  • retrieving services pricing

We are working towards the model in which Flock will become center of your business aviation related activity – a marketplace.

Allowing users not only to find/share relevant business information but quickly act on it.

Users are able to secure or sell services such as an overflight permit and landing permit right on the spot.

Much More To Come – Don’t Miss Out

Flock Aviation Directory being officially launched late 2017 is still a relatively new product.

A first step on the roadmap is ultimately leading to creating a tool, severely impacting how operators and providers work and do business.

Be sure to give Flock a try, register, follow us on Facebook and Twitter for updates.

Read our latest blog about claiming your provider profile! And if you have any questions or feedback we’d love to hear from you at support@flock.aero.